The Real Story: How The NBA SUSPENDED Ref. Ken Mauer For Being Unvaccinated!

Robby Starbuck: Do you ever feel like the

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of people feel that way. The truth is, we

were all sold this great lie, that being part

of a silent majority was something we should

be proud of being a silent majority, a lot, a

very loud, angry group of people that control

everything. And problem there is that small

group of people, they're communists. I say

that myself as someone who's the son of a

Cuban refugee who had to flee communism, I

know the reality of how important the

American dream is, I know how quickly we can

lose freedom. And that's why this is our last

stand. I'm your host, Robby Starbuck. And I'm

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Welcome to the show, guys. Today, we've got

famous NBA ref Ken Mauer. He's been in the

news lately, because he's actually a

suspended rep. Now he's been suspended from

the NBA, for reasons you're about to find

out, and it's going to be no surprise to you.

It's because he refused to get the COVID

vaccine. With no further ado, I'm gonna bring

in Ken, you've been an NBA ref for over 35

years. And how did this all happen? Can you

walk us through it?

Ken Mauer: Well, first of all, hi, Robbie,

how are you? Thank you for having me on. I, I

I enjoy talking about this only because I

think it's time people start. Start being

educated on just you know what, what this

country is going through. And I'm very proud

of the NBA, I'm very proud of, you know, what

I've done as a referee, I love I love sports.

I'm from a very sports, family, sports

orientated family, then this whole COVID

thing took over, took over the world in it. I

mean, all of a sudden, everybody was going

nuts. You know, we saw it coming. And the

first year, which would have been the 2021

season, the NBA was very proactive and had

having us testing. I mean, we were doing

testing, we're testing every day on update

testing at home testing with a machine or

testing on Zoom or, and then days of games.

Robbie, the last, you know, at the end there,

I was testing four times a day on days days

of games, and to make sure that I can

continue to do my job and do whatever the NBA

asked of me to do. We got through the will of

the bubble one year, and then it was the next

year, which was the 2021 season. So after

that year, then the the next year we were

going into a new contract was the 2021 22

season. And the NBA said that summer that

they were going to mandate the vaccine for

all referees. They redid the last year of our

seven year contract saying that, you know, if

you choose not to take the vaccine, you're

not going to be able to work. And they did

not make the players. Man, they did not

mandate the players to take the vaccine. In

fact, they the players have never been

mandated to take the next thing. So there was

a lot of us that were against it. We didn't

know a lot about the vaccine. We didn't know

what was what it was about. And the NBA

offered us as a staff or religious or medical

exemption. And I filed both I fell both

religion. I've been a practicing Christian my

entire life. I just sort of beliefs I have as

a, as a Christian as a religious Catholic

that I that I just, you know, my faith just

didn't allow me to take the vaccine. I

didn't, I didn't. I didn't want to take it.

It was it was it was up to anybody, whatever

anybody else wanted to do. Probably that was

up to them. I mean, I don't judge anybody I

don't. And what they so we all file through

like there was 910 11 of us maybe that filed

after like 17 or 18 people voted it down in

the contract, but it passed. So we were

mandated to about 11 of us got together we we

follow the religious and medical exemptions.

Needless to say long story short and be

denied every one of them. Every one of the

religions medical, I think every one of the

religious or medical exemption probably in

their entire organization, I believe,

checking on that now because we're currently

in litigation. were denied they all were

denied. unbanned so so I was I was out of a

job other than going into my 37th year and I

was out of a job and I they suspended us for

the first year. This is the funny part now

and will allude to a little elaborating on

all this. But they gave us a year to make a

decision from September of 21 to September

22. Just this this past September, they gave

us a year we chose to take the vaccine we

wouldn't be allowed to come back. Well, a lot

of the guides just with their families and

their situation at home and great guys great

people and they just said Kenny, I can't do

it. I can't I can't sit out i i don't want to

do this, but I have to take the vaccine so

they did and four or five of us chose not to.

So but I want to stop you there real quick

because that's an important point for people

to key in on and understand what the NBA did

there and this is

Robby Starbuck: My opinion you can say if you

agree or disagree with it, but what you just

described is a tactic that communists have

often used for forms of reeducation. One of

the ways that they've chosen as most

effective to, quote, re educate people that

are out of alignment or out of lockstep with

what the Communist Party wants. And this is

in various countries across the world, this

has been utilized by communist regimes and

authoritarians for as long as they've been

around is they'll say, basically, we're

putting you in a timeout for X period of

time. And during this timeout, we're going to

take away something necessary to your

livelihood, whether it be your job, your

ability to reach your family, and friends, or

your ability to go to school, whatever it is,

and they essentially say now, as a loving

communist government, we're gonna go ahead

and give you that thing back. As long as you

do the right thing, and you listen to us, and

you comply. And I think it's important to

understand that this is this is a very

important moment in America, if we're going

to allow corporations to take those same

tactics and deploy them on people. That's

incredibly dangerous, in my opinion. But

beyond that, the other thing you said, that

really struck me was that, you know, this is

not the only place this is happening, these

tactics are being deployed across corporate

America. And if we want to talk about the

practices getting to a dangerous place, we

also need to ask a very poignant question. So

I have one for you, you've been around longer

than I have, you have a lot of life

experience. And this is genuinely a question

because I don't know that the answer to this

1,000% is what I think it is. But I'm pretty

sure I know what the answer is. Can you ever

think of a time in American history where we

allowed secular corporations to apply

religious tests to their employees? And

essentially, say, if you think that your

religion is this, we're going to be the

arbiters of if your religion actually

believes that. So they're in essence,

deciding that they're the arbiters of who's

the true believer and who's not and why they

believe in what they believe, when they

themselves are secular organizations who know

nothing about religion. Am I wrong in what

I'm saying?

Ken Mauer: Yes. First of all, the answer's

no, I've never I'm 57 years old. I've never

experienced that before. No, that's a lot

like what they did, because in June, they,

let's go back to September, they interviewed

us. There was a lawyer for the for the NBA,

like I know very well, government, even the

Ulster carried out an interview for all the

people that fall religious exemptions. And

basically, we believe that it was just trying

to a witch on trying to find something that

he could I gotcha, I gotcha. You know, you

Robby Starbuck: want to find a hole, they

want to find a hole in your mind, just

beliefs. That's absolutely, it really is. And

this is something that's been applied across

corporate America, we've seen many examples

of this, where they essentially are acting as

arbiters of that religion, we saw it in the

military, which was one of the most dangerous

places I could imagine seeing it is the

United States government's stepping in and

saying, We're the arbiters of religion. Now,

you don't actually believe this, if you say

you're a Christian, well, you can't be a

Christian and have these beliefs or not want

the vaccine for religious purposes. Because

x, x and x, people within Christianity or

within the Catholic Church, are saying it's

totally fine to get it. But that is again,

denying our religious independence and our

ability to discern our own beliefs, because

you can be a Catholic and understand a very

nuanced position that while there may be

Catholics who believe it's totally

appropriate, and okay to get the COVID

vaccine, there is a whole other group of

Catholics, myself being Cuban, I know this, I

was raised Catholic. And, you know, this

other group of Catholics, which I would argue

is actually a larger group, fundamentally

believed that they don't want to put

something in their body that was, you know,

they researched and tested on aborted fetal

cells in the development of it, it doesn't

even matter to me, if it's incited, if they

used it in the research and development, it's

fundamentally in opposition to my religious

beliefs. And that's as a Christian man now

and also being raised Catholic. You know,

that's just something I can't negotiate with.

And when you have secular corporations, or

the government, essentially asking you to

negotiate with the devil, that's a very

dangerous thing. I mean, you're talking about

eternal soul, which is a question I wanted to

ask you. I'm gonna ask you very point blank.

Did you love your job? Yes. Was there any

amount of money somebody could have paid you

to leave your job?

Ken Mauer: I never really did it for the

money. And you know, me employees make quick

money takes care of us. But yeah, I was proud

of my salary, but I never did it. I never did

it for the money.

Robby Starbuck: So to that point, this is

about an eternal life question for you, is it

not yet. And so it's just a man, as somebody

who's been around as long as you have, how

dangerous is this moment that we're in when

we're loud corporations or the government to

step in? And question your ability to make

decisions about your own eternal life and

doing it under the threat of you know, hey,

we're going to make you broke. We're going to

make you broke and put your family in danger

potentially or Leave you homeless

potentially, because you're not complying

with our demands about what we say needs to

be inside your body.

Ken Mauer: Well, it even goes one step

further, they suspended us in September of

2021, the Commissioner dropped the mandates

for everyone, Robbie, everyone in June, and

then they terminated us in September. There's

no longer mandate for referees or players.

But yet the three of us have to come back and

read and take take the vaccine in order to to

referee. So no, I've spoke about this, you

know, several times, no one's going to, you

know, take away my freedom, takeaway,

especially my religious beliefs. No one I

mean, I, it doesn't matter what amount of

money it is, I mean, I love my lord, I love

my wife, I No one's going to come in and

offer me a lot of money to leave my wife, I

mean, I There are just certain moral and

ethical and religious beliefs that I have

that, that I'm never going to change, I mean,

there's no amount of money that's going to go

to change, you know, change my mind. So, so I

walked away from a lot, and a lot of what's

all of us did walk away from a very good

paying job. But again, it's not to be it's

not about the vaccine, if you choose to take

the vaccine, go ahead, I may agree with it, I

may not agree with it. That's your problem.

That's your, that's your belief. You can do

whatever you want. But no one's going to

change my my take away my religious values

and my religious beliefs and tell me that I

have to do something, but the amount of

people that feel the same way you and I do

and that are without a home or with with it,

that they don't have a job, they don't know

where they're gonna get their next meal from.

I mean, there's a lot of people like that,

and like to get it. Because, again, I think

it's I think it's starting to change, I think

people are finally saying, wait a minute,

doesn't matter whether you're whether you're

a Republican or a Democrat, or whether you're

a Christian, or you're a Jewish or you're

Muslim, or you're Hindu, it doesn't matter.

If we should all be people, we shall have

freedom to choose whatever we want. And

they're never going to take away my my

freedom to be able to say that I'm a

Christian, I believe in our Lord Jesus

Christ, I don't believe in abortion cells,

Robbie. And I'm not taking the vaccine.

Robby Starbuck: You know what it sounds like

to me, and I know you're in litigation. And

so I'm not going to ask you to comment on

this bar. But this is just my own analysis

here. It sounds like to me that the NBA has

taken a page from their partners in China,

the Communist Party, and have started to take

on some of those authoritarian tactics to

punish employees who do not comply with the

narrative that they prefer. Be reality. I

mean, look no further than even you know,

they did this with players who were

considered, quote, anti Vax, you know, people

like Kyrie Irving, where they were very

clearly trying to punish them in the media

for their decision not to get the vaccine.

And that's not withstanding other issues

those players might have or whatever was very

clear that there was an issue that NBA had

with wanting to punish anybody who stepped

out of line when it came to the vaccine.

Which gets us to a very important point,

though, there have been a lot of cases of

injuries and deaths after people get the

vaccine that is no longer in dispute. Even

you know, the the, you know, quote, high

authorities in the medical and bioethics

industry will admit this that yes, there have

been injuries. Yes, there have been deaths.

The question now is how many among which age

groups? And statistically, is it still safer

to get it or not get it? What what are the

actual numbers bearing out in and that's an

argument that honestly doesn't matter. At

this point, what matters is that we're

talking about people's lives here. And

individuals have the right to choose whether

or not they get something that could

potentially kill them. I think that that's

something that whether you're religious or

not, even if you're an atheist, and you're

watching this, this whole thing isn't just

about religion. Yes, there are many people

who are doing this for religious reasons. But

if you go to just a very basic human rights

premise, every human being should have the

right to decide if they get something put in

their body that could potentially kill them

in an injectable form. I mean, that just

seems like a no brainer. And then when you

think about this, you know, from the vantage

point of what we were talking about earlier,

where you said, you know, you don't care what

choice somebody else makes, that's their

choice. You know, when I look back at

history, again, I'm really struggling to find

a time in history where people who were

trying to force inject other people ended up

being the good guys, when you look back at

history, you know, maybe in the moment they

thought they were the good guys. But then you

move 3040 50 years down the line, you look

back, and you go, Oh, those were definitely

the bad guys. And that's something that just

blows my mind that people involved in this

can't see that. But, you know, I want to ask

you very point blank. Do you know anybody who

has been injured after getting the vaccine?


Ken Mauer: met many people. I mean, I've had

people that I've known that about suffered

ill effects and they've, I know people that

have that have died. I know people that have

spoke with me on different podcasts that have

come forth, and it's, it's in their medical

records that they have suffered as a result

of the vaccine. I mean, I just did a

wonderful Interview with Bobby Kennedy Jr. I

mean, what a brilliant man he does and what

the books he's written and, and the things

that he's come forth with and the people

they've interviewed. And I don't understand

why people don't just take a look at it, what

they try to do with people like you and I,

Robin with me as they try to punch holes.

Okay, Kenny, you're really not religion, you

just do want to take the vaccine? Well, first

of all, we've all lot learned a lot in the

last year and a half heavily. Everybody in

this country is worth a lot in the last year

and a half. But you got to remember, I filed

a religious exemption a year and a half, a

year and a half, because I knew the minute it

came out, I knew what was in it. And I knew

that I didn't want to be a part of that.

That's why I will never waver from that. Now,

that doesn't mean that I can't have an

opinion. That doesn't mean I can't be well

versed on on whether people have suffered or

whether they haven't, especially when I know

relatives, I know friends family that have.

And so I can't speak for the NBA. Robbie, I

would like to what I can understand the

frustration, why don't people at least taking

a look at it? Could it be possible that

somebody else that that's at work, I like

with that incident?

Robby Starbuck: Right? I mean, that's that's

what science is supposed to be science

supposed to be asking the question, it's just

to ask the question, you're supposed to study

it, you're supposed to investigate it

thoroughly to every end to every possible

outcome. And then you come to a conclusion.

And the problem is they're avoiding the most

poignant questions, they're avoiding the

things that are staring us right in the face

when you have people falling over dead. And

you have these sudden deaths all over the

place. And you have I just had a document,

we'll put it up on screen during this

interview set of documents sent to me that is

a verified, you know, various report of a six

month old child who was given not just the

COVID vaccine, but seven other vaccines

collected all at one time, within four days,

he was dead. And that's not normal, six month

old babies don't normally die of sudden

deaths from a cardiac event. That's not a

normal thing. This is something we're seeing

increasingly across every age group. And we

see it in every country, when you look at

just the raw data of excess deaths, something

is happening. And a lot of people who are

supposed to be looking into this or avoiding

looking into it. And the thing is, I've been

very nuanced. I've been very clear on this

the whole time, I can't say for certain that

x is causing x because I don't have that

background to go and design the study and fun

to study to look at this on a large enough

scale the way we need to, but it should be

very eye opening to people that they're not

doing that, because that in itself is telling

you that they can see in the data, the raw

data that we're able to look at that

something is wrong, and they don't want to

know what it is. The only logical conclusion

I can come to is that they're protecting

somebody now, who would they be trying to

protect. And the only logical conclusion,

again, is the pharmaceutical companies who

produce this and the politicians who pushed

it on people and told them that it was safe

and effective. It's very clear at this point

that the line about safe and effective was

not only wrong, it was fraudulent in my

opinion. And when you look at the outcomes

and the way that people have suffered,

there's no question to me that this was a

great crime against humanity and against

basic human rights. And I liked that you

talked about earlier, this shouldn't be

political, it shouldn't be about Democrat or

Republican, everybody knows, conservative,

they shouldn't be about that at all. At all.

If you're if you're on the complete polar

opposite side of that you're a communist,

okay, which people know is my least favorite

thing. Let's pretend you're a communist. I

still 1,000% backup your human right to make

your own decision on this. And I think that's

the way it should be. And it's telling for

the people who don't believe that, that

they're not able to have consistent moral

values when it comes to these things. We

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in. You know a question I wanted to ask you I

mean, you're you're in the sports world for

so much of your adult life. I assume You've

talked to athletes, fellow referees, what

have you heard within the sports world, about

the way that COVID these mandates, the

vaccines, the masks, everything else? How has

it affected these professional sports

leagues? How many people are still to this

day, you know, hurting in some way because of

these things? And is there sort of a secret

group at all that you know, of, of people who

are sort of commiserating amongst one another

about how harmful this has been?

Ken Mauer: Well, I'm kind of a kind of a

rebel now kind of a, you know, bad guy, a

pariah, whatever you want to call it. I mean,

I want to back up for a second, though, back

to what you were saying. And I, it's not for

me to question science. And you're not

either, and it's not for, for us to question.

You know, specifically why something

happened, you should be wanting to know you

should be investigating. Let's find out why

that very healthy, young man, you know, had a

cardiac arrest. Why? I don't know. I mean, a

good buddy of ours. He's a mutual friend of

ours. My buddy, my buddy, Holly wolfish, he's

a very dear friend of mine. He's a good

friend of yours. He wants to he once told me

something that made such great sense to me.

It's impossible for a man to learn what he

thinks you already know. Yep. And that's what

that's what I think. I admit, I don't know, I

think you're saying that. I don't know. I

mean, I'd rather have questions that can't be

answered. That answers that caught the camp

question. I mean, we should be questioning a

lot of things and people are I think they're

starting to, but what bothers me the most and

yes, do I know athletes? Yes. Do I know app

athletes that have suffered? Yes. Do I know?

Again, I always ask them, I always, you know,

say go in and get a check to go on and make

sure you know, don't you know, it's not for

me to talk to my I didn't go to my regular

doctor who takes care of me day to day I went

and saw a neurologist, the neurologist I went

saw people that, that I think were were

astute in vaccines and in suited all of

these, they think the lead up to, you know,

these viruses, I I don't think your daily

physician can really educate you on stuff

like that. But again, that that's that's just

a personal opinion, I'm allowed to have a

personal opinion, when I decide what's going

to be put into my arm or my body for my wife

and I that that's our that's our I agree with

Robby Starbuck: that, too. I mean, the number

of personal physicians, I mean, if you ask

these questions about about vaccines, you

know, it's very rare, you come across

positions that do internal medicine, do

family practice, who are able to really in

depth, expand upon the side effects of these

vaccines are able to explain the black box

warnings or anything else associated with

these, in fact, you know, I had my own

situation with a doctor where I had to bring

them studies. And they came back to me and

said, I didn't realize that was the case. To

their credit. They they said I was they were

wrong, they admitted they were wrong about

it. And they flipped around and it made them

question a lot of other things that I think

was a healthy process. That's how science is

supposed to work. And I do think we should be

questioning science to the degree that we

have the information. And when we don't have

the information, we should be asking the

people who are in charge in those fields to

be questioning it to the degree of actually

carrying out the studies. And like in the

case of you know, Damar Hamlin, I didn't jump

to the conclusion that I found most likely or

anything along those lines. I just simply

said okay, what are the proper questions to

ask here? We don't have all the information

the only thing I can do is say off the off

these reports I'm going to ask cardiologists

what they feel and I talked to three

different cardiologists they all said in

their view, based on the news reports that he

was resuscitated twice. It couldn't have been

Cambodia Cordis because there's only supposed

to be one cardiac event in the case of that

unless they're exactly successive where it

happens like immediately after but in Tamar

Hamlins case the public news reports were

that there was a cardiac arrest on the field

and then again at the hospital and that was

too far apart for it to be Cambodia Cordis.

So that was for me, you know, talking to

three different cardiologists who see this on

a regular basis, maybe not committee

recordists, but they're the ones who study it

because it's so rare. That was enough for me

to say, okay, maybe we should be looking in

other directions as well to make sure that we

actually know what the real problem was here

to identify it because it scared a lot of

people seeing a healthy athlete who's at the

top of his, you know, physical prowess, so to

speak, like, fall over on the field and have

have a heart attack, you know, that's not

something that should feel normal, and it

doesn't. And so, I think we do need to ask

for answers to those types of questions. And

we need to really not stop and we can't let

up on it. Because without

Ken Mauer: fathers what bothers me the most

is I guess, do I think people should, should

be asking questions. Yes. But again, I keep

coming back and I'm gonna keep coming back to

it. I mean, nobody should question somebody's

God given right to be able to practice

whatever religion you want. And again, the

NBA. Rabbit Bay offered us the religious and

medical exemption. It wasn't something like,

well, we say by law, you have to offer us

this. They offered us the religious and

medical exemptions, of which I file both So,

you know, it's like, okay, you offer it. And

then you're going to tell me that I, that I,

that I don't have a religious belief. I mean,

what makes you the sole bear of determining

whether or not I have a religious belief or

not, I mean, and then they're going to bring

up, you know, questions with the pulpit but

well, I It's funny I asked by the guy who

interviewed me with the MBA. He's a Jewish

man. And I said, Have You Ever Have you ever

been to Krakow? He said, No. I said, Have you

ever been to Auschwitz? He said, No, we

don't. 6 million Jews were were killed back

during World War Two. He said, The I know, I

think what do you know that the Pope for the

Catholic church knew what was going on and

turned his back. Now, am I supposed to take

the same stance with the Pope on that one,

too? I mean, the Pope is a human being, you

know, he's a man, he doesn't matter. It

doesn't matter what the Pope thinks it

doesn't matter what. Well, what do you think

it's what I feel in my heart, what is what is

something that I've grown up with my whole

life. And I'm not going to have somebody from

the NBA or somebody, some doctor or some

lawyer, tell me what I what I've been

practicing my whole life. And I shouldn't we

shouldn't have to do that.

Robby Starbuck: And but here's the thing.

Either, it doesn't end with the vaccine.

Because we just saw this last week in the

NHL, a hockey player Provo, he essentially

there was an LGBT Q night for the NHL, and he

refused to wear a pride flag jersey. He said

it was out of alignment with his religious

beliefs. He's a Russian Orthodox. And he

thought he felt that it was something that

would be out of alignment with his religious

beliefs. I mean, very simple. And it wasn't

treated as a respectful difference of

opinion, a different belief. And you know,

the people who are trying to push this are

always talking about inclusivity. And

diversity, well, that inclusivity. And

diversity doesn't include people who think

differently, or have different religious

beliefs. And that kind of lays bare the

hypocrisy at the core of this, it's really

about, we would like to force you into a

homogenous group think where you have to

think what we think and if you don't, you're

a bigot, and you shouldn't be allowed in

society, and you should lose your job. And to

that point, immediately after Provost said,

he didn't want to wear this jersey on the NHL

network, one of their lead analysts goes on

there and says that, if he's not willing to

put on the pride flag jersey, that he should

go back to Russia, and maybe go fight in the

Ukraine war, I mean, just totally ludicrous

stuff. And again, this is somebody who has

been in the United States since he was 13

years old, okay, he's an American for all

intensive purposes. And to say you should go

over to Russia and go fight in a war in

Ukraine and possibly died, because you won't

put on the Gay Pride jersey that we're

demanding you put on just blows my mind. And

this is why, you know, the fight over the

COVID vaccines, and the ability to have your

own religious beliefs and choices is so

important, because it does not end there.

They will continue, continue and continue to

beat down your ability to have religious

freedom if you give up an inch of it. And

that's where we're at is, you know, I truly,

I believe the reason that the military did

this, and the NBA did this where they said,

Okay, here's your religious exemption is

because they wanted to skirt liability by

saying they offered it, they closely examined

it, and they felt that it was not in

alignment with the beliefs or, you know,

doctrine of that religion. And they think

that's going to offer some sort of legal

cover. I'm not quite as convinced that it's

going to as it goes through higher courts.

But you know, that's the intent, in my

opinion, is this was never about actually

wanting to give you a choice. Do you agree

with that?

Ken Mauer: Yes, I do. I don't think the NBA

had any intention of ever, of ever allowing

or granting any, any religious or medical

exemption. I don't think how you could have

both a 1020 16,000 airports, military people

flower exemptions, and every one of them

tonight. I mean, that's just that's it just

doesn't happen. I mean, there are no people

of faith in the airforce that find that hard

to believe. But I mean, they're trying to

divide us in many different ways religiously.

I mean, back during the bubble, they had the,

you know, the Black Lives Matter and friends

of mine that I've been playing with and for

and against and working with and athletics my

whole life. I don't have to I don't have to

Robby Starbuck: prove no, I understand

exactly what you're saying. This is a point

that I got into with a Latino baseball

player. He's a huge star in baseball. I'm not

going to out him on here. We're really close

friends. He's one of the best players in

baseball, and he could not stand what was

going on in Major League Baseball when it

came to the pushing of the Black Lives Matter

organization. And he was really incensed and

hurt in a private moment that somebody in

management called him out in front of a team

and essentially said, Do you not believe that

the life of a certain black player mattered?

And he said, You know, I exploded I went off.

This has nothing to do with black lives. It

has everything to do with a Marxist

organization. They all had experience in

their family learning Ah with Marxism, this

is a Marxist organization that wants to

destroy families. It has nothing to do with

black lives or brown lives. He's I'm Latino,

you know, and but I'm not the only one who

sees this, that seems, especially a lot of

professional athletes. They don't agree with

this stuff, but they feel forced to take part

in it. Am I wrong?

Ken Mauer: No, you're not wrong. I mean, back

during the bubble, I think I was having hip

surgery, I would never have knelt. Because

that would have said, All lives matter. My

Christian or religious faith, I believe all

lives matter, including Latino and the black

and the Asian, whatever, whatever. Form,

whatever culture, whatever nationality, you

are it, and I believe, people faith, I

believe, I believe the majority of people

feel like that. And yeah, I had many

discussions with friends of mine of color,

and they all feel the same way. It's just

that, that select few people that are trying

to push an agenda to try to divide us, I'm

not gonna allow that to by to divide my

friendships with the Mexican or Latino or the

black or whatever, there's, there's still my

friend, they always will be. I'm not gonna

allow that to that. But it's also I also

believe it's a freedom issue. It's a it's a

religious issue. It's something that why are

they why are they doing that? Why are they

trying to divide us why? Well, because you

conquer when you divide and conquer. And I'm,

I had a tough time with that, during that.

And that was kind of like the start of it

all. And um, but anytime I can sit down with

with a human being and have an adult

conversation about what you and I are talking

about right now, and explain my position and

say, Hey, I will go to war, I will do

anything for you, I will stick I'll do

anything for you. But I'm going to do the

same for you that I'm going to do for any

other human being, God created everybody

equal. And I'm going to I'm going to try to

live by that everybody is the same, there's

nobody that's better than anybody else.

Doesn't matter the color of your skin. And

that's, to me, that's a religious belief. And

I, I would have, I would, I would not have

knelt then either. But there was a lot of

people that were chastised for doing that.

And I think it's a shame.

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is now going toward projects and values that

you believe in. You know, I explained this to

somebody wants to was confused. I said, you

know, they were trying to get to the heart of

understanding all lives matter. And I said,

Well, you know, the truth is, we often make

moral decisions in life as adults, you know,

you've got to make quick call sometimes. And

so to give you an example, in one scenario,

there's a black child, and a white old man,

and I have a choice to save one of their

lives. I'm going to save the child. And I'm

going to do the same thing in reverse. If it

is a black old man and a white child, I'm

going to save the child. And if it's a white

old man and a black child, I'm going to save

the child every single time because that's my

moral instinct to save the child. I'm not

looking at their race. I'm not saying Oh,

which skin color do I identify more with to

save, I think that's sick, the whole premise

of it is sick, you go to help the vulnerable

to help somebody in need no matter what you

don't think about what their skin color is.

And that's really what's at the core of the

idea of all lives mattering should be very

simple. I think most people understand this,

but there's a very high group of people who

don't. And they tried to frame anybody who

thinks that all lives matter is being racist

in some way. And the reality that I've seen

myself being Latino, the child of a penniless

immigrant who came to this country has been

that the people who believe all lives matter

are the least racist and the people who have

tried to hone in on one skin color no matter

what that skin color is, and say that that

matters the most. They tend to be the ones

that have some, you know, racial issues. And

I think that that's something that the more

people sort of just get into fundamental

reality, the more we get in alignment with

what the truth is. And I think the real truth

here is that we do have a silent majority in

America and it's an incredibly dangerous

thing. So majorities allow very loud, small

groups of people to control everything and to

divide everyone. And that's where we are

right now, is we allowed a very loud, small

group of people to divide everybody you agree

with? We've seen?

Ken Mauer: Absolutely. But it all comes back

to what is right and wrong. What is faith

based? What is what is about Christianity?

What is, but I think that's what why why you

and I are here, right now, Robbie, there's a

lot of people that feel like we do, but are

scared to say anything. And because the

silent majority is just goes about their

business and all these, you know what they

say there's 2000 people in this world that

are really making all the chaos. Well, you

know, that number might not be too far off.

And it's just, we have to start doing

something that people feel like they're

powerless. I don't, I'm just, I'm just a

normal guy. I mean, I'm, you know, I've done

a few years in the NBA, there's a lot more

people that are more important, or they're,

you know, I'm not a big name. I'm not, I'm

not this wealthy guy. But you know what I'm

going to speak the truth, I'm going to speak

what I think in the hope that there are other

people out there to say that might say, You

know what, Ken's got a point, he may, there

are people that will probably disagree with

us. And that's okay. They're allowed. They're

the freedom judges, and that's why we live in

this country,

Robby Starbuck: the more people voice things,

the better off we're going to be, because

then we can reverse this, this tragedy of the

silent majority, allowing our values to be

eroded year over year over year and insert he

made a point that somebody had been trying to

make to people is we're talking about a few

1000 People who are really creating all the

chaos. And the sooner people realize that and

realize that individually, we actually have a

lot of power. And that if we all do just use

our voice and go back to, you know, speaking

with truly just common sense, the faster all

of this craziness is going to go away, or at

least be looked at in the regard that it

should, which is really like I mean, it's

it's clownish. I mean, if we're being

completely honest, a lot of this, I read a

thing today, you know, there's a group upset

about Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman song,

they find it offensive, because they're,

they're trans, they consider themselves trans

and they think it's offensive to have a song

about natural women. I mean, this lunacy,

until people treat it as crazy as it is, you

know, you normalize it. And I think we've got

to be doing the opposite by just being honest

and saying, You know what, again, even in

that situation, you're an adult, you want to,

you know, pretend you're another thing. You

know, it's honestly not my job to get in the

middle of that, you know, don't do it to

children. That's really the only thing I

asked. But when you start saying things like,

you can't have a song that offends me, that's

something people need to become big. That's,

that's crazy. And we need to have sort of

common sense about this stuff. But I do want

to switch gears. I want to ask you a

question. So there are a lot of rumors within

professional sports circles that players even

as big as people like LeBron James had been

using fake vaccine cards, for different

reasons for different purposes. And I'm

assuming that's something you know about

every everybody I've talked to kind of knows

this is going on. And some people who would

be questioning your seriousness, when it

comes to doing this for religious reasons, or

even medical reasons, don't you think that's

a pretty good piece of evidence that you're

pretty darn serious about this, that you

didn't give in like a lot of these other

people did and get a fake card. And again,

that's a decision every person had to make on

their own. But I personally disagreed with

it. I felt like we need to stand on our own

two feet. And when people saw how many people

actually didn't get it, I think that that

would be pretty surprising. But you know, how

do you feel about that? How did you feel

about, you know, the fake cards?

Ken Mauer: I'm really glad you asked that

question. Thank you very much. I would really

like to answer that. No, I never, I never

took the bet. A fake card. Yes. I know, a lot

of I know people that have taken the fake

card. I know, athletes that have taken the

fake card. And I know, and I know why they

did it. And it's not for me to judge them.

They were in between a rock and a hard place

they needed to provide for their families,

but yet they were so against what if this

vaccine for whatever reason, that's up to

them again, but for me, no, I couldn't jump.

I couldn't tell look you in the eye and tell

you one thing. And then and then turn around

and take a fake card. I just I just couldn't

do that. And that to me, that was just that

was just hypocritical. I mean, yes, I could

have taken a fake card. And I don't know that

the NBA would have ever found out about it.

But I would I would never do that. I'm doing

this for a reason. I'm a very sincere about.

I'm proud of the way my wife and I feel

religiously. But then again, so for me to

feel that way, Robbie, and then to turn

around and say, I'm gonna take a fake card. I

couldn't do that. I understand why people

did. But I'm just gonna do it in line for you

not to cross. That's right. I couldn't do it.

I have talked to people about it. They said

Kendra, that easy. You don't need it. I know

it probably would have been easy, but I

wouldn't be having this conversation with

you. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. And

I'm, I'm proud. I didn't I'm proud to do

that. Last question

Robby Starbuck: for me, within the you know,

circles that you've been a part of for a very

long time. Is there discussion about from

people who are vaccinated? Is there

discussion among them about the injuries and

worries about what may come forward? Because

I know you know, I just put out a video

recently that hadn't been seen by very many

people have Anthony Fauci commenting, when he

was asked about the development of an AIDS

vaccine, and this was, you know, back during

the AIDS crisis? And he said, Well, you know,

the problem is, is that the development of a

vaccine like this, you know, we may be able

to test it right now in the first year or

second year and say, Oh, it looks safe. But

the problem is 12 years down the line, all

hell could break loose. And we really don't

know, what could happen to these people. That

was the concern, he showed on a very small

scale in relation. When you look at the the

two, you know, different groups of people

affected by COVID versus aids, you know, the

COVID group is obviously much larger than the

group with AIDS. And so if he was unwilling

to go and do that with a group of people who

had AIDS, why was he suddenly willing to do

it with a group who had COVID? That's a

different question for a different time. But

when you look at it like that, and you

understand that, essentially, this is a very

large experiment, and that we don't know

what's going to happen 12 years down the

line, there was not the time to do long term

testing, and that they pushed forward with

something that had never been done before on

multiple fronts, including this being the

first of its kind in its class for an

approved vaccine for this purpose. You know,

that's something that I think, is a natural

conversation, people who were vaccinated who

felt like they were told one thing in the

beginning and are now realizing something

else later would be discussing, are they?

Ken Mauer: Yes, they are. And it's, it's

another great question I want to speak on.

Again, when I did this a year and a half ago,

a lot of this was questions that good I

wouldn't be even known to ask these questions

now. And so I had my opinions didn't know did

a lot of research. In the last year and a

half, I've got a lot of free time I'm I

become part of a group. It's called boys.

It's for medical freedom. It's a group that

was started by our dear friends by Ken

Rutgers from the Green Bay Packers Canada.

Hall of Fame lineman for the Green Bay

Packers black back when he played with Brett

BB, John Stockton. I mean, I think a lot of

people in the NBA world, they all know John

Stockton is we've become very good friends.

And we've started a group of lawyers,

doctors, entertainers, pro athletes, some

young people, old people, I mean, it's

growing every month of people that are coming

on this call these calls. And I'm talking

about your question, the question you just

asked if we have doctors come on these calls,

lawyers come on these call people that could

validate exactly, true facts and truth

through different statistics of what they're

saying. And so yes, there are a lot of people

that are becoming more and more aware of

this, we started this the freedom to be able

to make a decision for yourself, religiously,

and medically. That's why we started this

thing. And that's why it's growing all the

time, because people believe they should be

allowed to make their own choice. And you and

I both agree with that. So now there's a lot

more people, and about a lot of the

situation's haven't been shown that the media

hasn't shown those. So that's what what

happened the other night in the NFL, oh, my

gosh, that opened up a lot of a can of worms

for a lot of

Robby Starbuck: time. And a lot of eyes, I'll

tell you, not a lot. Again, a lot of

questions after that. And there's

Ken Mauer: gonna be and there's going to be

and there's gonna be a lot more questions

about that. And I just pray that they

investigate and do their research and find

out what really happened to that young man I

hear he's doing better. I'm so glad he is, I

pray is,

Robby Starbuck: you know, what, though, I

want to take a moment to acknowledge is that

that was actually a very special moment, too,

as scary as it was. I don't know that in the

past. Honestly, I don't know that in my adult

life. Since 911. I have seen the country

collectively pray for somebody, the way that

people came together and prayed for the young

men, Damar Hamlin, and I don't know that I

have seen atheists pray in public, the way

that they did during that since that 911 is

the last time I can remember and I was I

wasn't an adult yet. You know, I was a

teenager. And so that was stunning to me. And

then to see his miraculous recovery and

turnaround, I think is an incredible piece of

of just, you know, everybody experiencing a

miracle. You know, I mean, when you go

through double cardiac arrest, you know,

being able to recuperate in the back to watch

your team play this week. It's pretty


Ken Mauer: Well, I got a question for you.

And first of all, I agree with everything

you've said, and I am so solid, so happy to

see people praying I was I prayed, we all

prayed. And now he's better and I there are I

believe in miracles, I believe miracles.

Maybe a miracle happened right there. And I'm

so happy but you know what? I'm friends with

ESPN. I'm friends with the NBA. I'm friends

with the NFL. All these people that denied

this exemptions and thought prayer didn't

exist. Where were they back then when they

were denying all these religious exemptions

and they didn't even bring up the word

prayer. Prayer wasn't even something that was

huge. Now all of a sudden, when this young

kid goes down, everybody prayed. I am

thrilled that everybody prayed. I think I was

so happy to see that. You've got people on

ESPN, praying on the air, and yet two of

their colleagues are in a lawsuit against

ESPN for failing to acknowledge and realistic

perception. That's my favorite Allison

Williams. So explain that to me. I don't. I

mean, you're praying here. And yet these

women who are people of faith, and that's why

they're not taking the vaccine, they get


Robby Starbuck: Well, my friend has been in

trouble multiple times with ESPN for just

being a free thinking woman of faith. She's

the most professional you could possibly be

she's killer at her job. I don't know that

there's anybody better at her job, what she

does, and the type of discrimination she has

faced just for being a very honestly her

views are, are very, very mainstream in this

country, very mainstream. These are very, not

even just conservative, you know, a lot of

the stuff that, you know, they've gotten

upset or for. These are just mainstream views

a lot of people have, you know, I mean, I

live in Tennessee, where there's a lot of

blue dog Democrats still, and most of them

hold the views this age still has, you know,

Ken Mauer: a lot of people are like that a

lot. But they're the What's wrong, Roy? They

don't say it. You and I talked about this

earlier. It's about time. It doesn't matter

Republican, it doesn't matter Democrat, it

doesn't matter. It doesn't matter the color

of your skin it everybody should stand up and

say we should have the freedom to make the

decisions on what medically and religiously

decide for ourselves as a family and, and

that's we've gotten away from that. And you

know what, it's gonna get worse.

Robby Starbuck: Yep. It's just as simple.

Okay, I know I said that was the last

question. I have one. One last question. Oh,

like, I'm enjoying that you were in, you

know, an NBA ref. I can't have you leave the

show without asking you. What was your

proudest moment in the NBA? And also, what

was your favorite technical that you gave a


Ken Mauer: Well, oh, boy. Well, I have a

funny one. And we've talked about it before.

And he's the the friend of mine. He's a good

guy. I haven't seen him in a while. But I was

very proud of, well, I'm probably most proud

of what I'm doing right now, to be honest

with you, that I'm not so much that I'm just

standing up to the NBA but that I'm I'm

creating a platform for people to hopefully

not be afraid to stand up and say what they

believe in, in a professional, professional

way. But um, yeah, I referee the game when

Larry I went on, Michael came back. And when

he came back to first when he had that, when

he was coming back, he drove down I think or

they flew him down. I think he drove down

from Chicago and played that game in Indiana

after being out. The place was packed an hour

before the game, you could even walk in the

gym floor. I was proud to be a part I was wet

behind the years I hadn't even I don't know

how many years I had the league. I remember

working game six when reality shot that was

around the world. And then they came back

people are literally robbing people were

literally walking up the vault, they were

walking up the stairs, and they were leaving

the Gym in Miami. They were leaving. It was

like the end of the third quarter. And I

remember turning to my good friend to

Kellyanne I said you know, I don't think this

will do over yet. And I just think something.

Anyway, they came back that was a great game

Joy Crawford Duke and I work that and my

technical foul. I mean, I've had I've had a

few of them. I mean, I've I mean, I've

probably pull up on Instagram for things I

don't know, necessarily that great. But I

mean, I remember one day I had six digital

files in 10 seconds. That was a classic. And

I think I two three or four players. But I

remember I gave Charles Barkley a technical

file, he would yell it out during my career.

I was young. I mean, I probably worked with

respected Charles of the successful player

with Philly at the time. And I gave him a

technical file. And he came came came at me

came yelling, screaming. And I remember I you

know, you're young, you don't even know, guys

back then I said, Please, Charles, please,

please don't. I don't want to throw you out.

I don't want to take any money out of your

pocket. He swore at me. He said some news

affected? Yes, I make 10 times more than you

do. And I said, Well, you make more than 10

times and then I throw. And it was to this

day, we laugh at that. I remember Shaq has

come up to me on the courts and said you will

be a lot of money. That's why you won't be

able to be won't be a lot of money. I mean,

they make they make jokes about it now. And

back then it was in the heat of the moment.

And most of them are pretty damn good guides.

And they're they they understand that good

ones get it a the good ones respect good

referees. I respect good players, players

that play hard every night. And most all of

them do. And so, again, I would like I know a

lot of the players I've had talks with a few

of them. I haven't been able to get to a lot

of them now. situation I'm in but I think I

think a lot of them might just feel the way

you and I they just they just haven't come on

setting it.

Robby Starbuck: Absolutely. Well. My hope is

you win this battle You certainly deserve to

and it's an important fight for religious

freedom in this country. And I hope that you

go back to refereeing in the NBA I think

people would like to see that. And if you do

and then you retire one day when you do

retire one day, I would like to have you back

on so I can ask you who the biggest jerks in

the NBA were I mean, I think I think people

would like to know that.

Ken Mauer: Goodbye. Come I promise that that

probably wouldn't say well, I come back next.

We'll talk about that. Alright, sounds good.

Hey, Rob. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate

you having me. You're good man. Thanks.

Robby Starbuck: appreciate having you on the

show. Appreciate you come in and appreciate

what you're doing. You keep fighting.

Ken Mauer: Take care yourself, pal. I'll do

it. Thank you. God bless you. Thank you.

Robby Starbuck: We couldn't do this show

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Robby Starbuck
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The Real Story: How The NBA SUSPENDED Ref. Ken Mauer For Being Unvaccinated!
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