Unvaccinated Whistleblower Soldiers Expose The TRUTH About Biden’s Vaccine Mandate!

Join Robby as he dives into the startling truth of what it is and was like for our heroes in armed forces during the pandemic. Exploring how the vaccine mandates affected their families and careers and changed their whole life. Listen to their stories of how they are continuing the fight for freedom on American soil.

Do you ever feel like
the whole world has gone
insane? Yeah, you're not

alone. I feel that way.
In fact, the majority of
people feel that way.

The truth is, we were
all sold this great lie,
that being part of a

silent majority was
something we should be
proud of being a silent

majority, a lot, a very
loud, angry group of
people that control

everything. And problem
there is that small
group of people, they're

communists. I say that
myself, as someone who's
the son of a Cuban

refugee, who had to flee
communism, I know the
reality of how important

the American dream is, I
know how quickly we can
lose freedom. And that's

why this is our last
stand. I'm your host,
Robby Starbuck. And I'm

going to be diving deep
on the issues and people
that matter, so that

together, we can save
the American dream. And
once again, become a

loud majority, that
steers the direction of
this country. If you're

with me, and you want to
spread truth and wake up
the masses, you're in

the right place together
one piece of truth at a
time, we can save

America. On today's
episode, we're going to
be sitting down with a

group of unvaccinated
soldiers, their spouses,
and even one of their

children to talk about
the effect of the
vaccine mandate that

came from the Biden
administration, and the
refusal of the Biden

administration to honor
religious exemptions and
other exemptions like

them, and how these men
who stand us honestly,
some of the very bravest

among us, have taken
this stand for you, for
me, for everyone, for

our religious liberty,
our freedoms in the
future, and for the

United States government
and our Constitution, to
really get back to the

foundations of what our
Founders intended. I
don't want to spend too

long introducing it. So
here we go. So before we
began, I want to pass it

off to ad here so that
he can clarify to you
guys that the opinions

shared here today are
not the opinions of the
Department of Defense,

but are in fact, their
personal views. And
that's an important part

of this is to make the
very clear.

Yeah, that's right.
Thanks, Robbie. Yet,
yeah, for the active

duty guys on our
opinions are not the
opinions of the DOD, or

the army or any
government agency, their
own opinions.

Awesome. All news 2021.
They came down from the
Biden administration

with a mandate saying
that you guys have to
get the COVID vaccine,

or there would be
essentially. So walk us

through how this all
happened, what your
reaction initially was

to the mandate, and what
it meant to you. Did you
know immediately that

this was something that
you guys were not going
to do? And how long did

it take until you
started to feel the
repercussions of your


On the day that I took
command, I knew that I
was on borrowed time.

And I knew that it was
only a matter of time
before the the mandate

would be implemented. At
that point, I knew that
I would refuse it. And I

knew that there would be
severe repercussions
yet. None of that was a

shock to me. Fast
forward to August, the
FDA supposedly approves

a certain product, I
believe that there's a
lot of questions as to

what actually happened
there illegally, DOD
then implemented the

mandate at that point.
No longer voluntary.
Everyone has to take it,

if you choose to not do
so. You are now
according to the

military in violation of
an order. Yeah, I refuse
it belong with plenty of

others across DOD.

And how many battalion
commanders are there
presets? Yeah,

it's a great question. I
don't know exactly. But
I mean, a couple 100 of

battalion commander
generally takes command
at about 18 years of

service, depending on
the type of battalion
generally we'll have

anywhere from maybe
350 375 to 750 soldiers,
depending on the type of

battalion that it is. So
it's a significant level
of leadership within the


And was this something
within your battalion
that you oversaw? Were

there conversations from
people underneath you
who had the same

concerns that you had,
and everybody sort of
collectively was trying

to figure out what what
what the heck to do you
know, was that the


of my policy going in,
this was clearly going
to be an issue for

anyone who was in
command at this
particular time. So I

was very clear with all
my subordinates that I
was very well aware that

they had been receiving
pressure from the top
even before was

mandatory. And that all
of that would stop with
me, I was very clear

from day one, you will
receive no pressure to
either take or not take

the injection. from me.
I had multiple soldiers
come see me behind

closed doors in my
office in tears because
they did not want to

take the injection
multiple. I like to
think of myself as an

approachable person, you
still have to understand
that I'm a lieutenant

colonel who is the
battalion commander, it
is no small thing for

for a 19 year old
private to go visit the
battalion commander


talking about the US
government behaving like
the government's that

brave men and women have
gone in opposed as
soldiers for our

country, and we're
behaving in the same
tyrannical sort of

wedding and that's
that's really the issue
at the heart of this is

that, you know, they can
make their
recommendation and this

kind of always been my
they can make the
recommendation and I

think that they, they're
gonna do that period.
Did you know and I think

most people would say
they should make some
sort of health

recommendation. I would
disagree with that. But
I'm fine with it. Sure,

go make your
recommendation. But
where things get to a

point where it's
unacceptable was when
they're forcing people

to do things that
violate their religious
beliefs. So quick show

of hands, how many of
you guys made a
religious exemption

request? So almost
everybody was religious
for you is just pure

note. He said, Nope, not
dubious at all.

Just to clarify, I had
never submitted a
religious accommodation

request. That is not
because I don't have
extreme religious

objections to the shot.
I do. In my personal
case, I was always a

hard refusal. In my
personal view. If I were
to request a religious

exemption, it would
almost be conceding that
the shot is safe and are

effective, neither of
which I'm willing to, to
consider that it was my

seat, and

it seems like yours is a
very, you have a very
principled, you know,

specific stand on it,
which I think actually
kind of falls in line

with mine. You know, I
understand why do the
religious ones because

your best shot are in
normal times to be able
to go and get past this.

But on the principled
side of things, it
almost gives credence to

what they're doing that
there should even be an
exemption, there

shouldn't be an
exemption process, you
should just be able to

as a man or woman say,
No, I'm not doing this.
And nobody should be

coercing or mothering
you correct? You know,
everybody's going to

agree or disagree on
that. But I do think
that it's an important

point that, you know,
you guys are already
giving so much to the

country, to everybody
your families to and
that's the fourth that

really bothers me.
Nobody's talked about
your best families.

Nobody has, you know,
they've rarely talked
about you guys in your

experience. But I have
heard nobody talks about
the effect of this

mandate on families. So
I want you guys to shoot
everybody tell me, what

did this do within your
own families? How did it
affect your spouse's

your kids? Because I can
only imagine I mean, I
didn't, I didn't have to

deal with anything like
this as a kid. But you
know, my parents, we

lost our house when I
was a kid. And I know
how much me as a kid I

took that on and was
like, what's going to
happen next, you know,

how we're how we're
things go? Are we gonna
be okay? Are we gonna be

homeless, you know,
things along those
lines, and you just

wonder as a kid, and you
worry, so how has it
affected your guys lives

and your family's lives,

it's been absolutely
heartbreaking for me, to
see how much it's

affected my family. You
know, we join the
military at a later age,

because we want we want
to serve and we still
want to serve. And to

kind of be in the cycle
Limbo, Limbo stage of
not knowing whether

you're going to be
kicked out or allowed to
stay and kicked out

allows they and back and
forth are going to be
out this short amount of

time, I know it's going
to be longer. It's been
devastating. To see the

effect on my wife, my
almost 16 year old
daughter, who's trying

to navigate life as a
teenager and my my son's
trying to go back and

try and figure out what
is going to going to
happen. It has been

extremely difficult on
our family. And then as
chaplains seeing so many

other families, deeply,
deeply affected has been

well for me, it's been
really hard because
there's been like no

stability with dad at
all. Like one day, I'll
hear one thing like, oh,

well, moving back in two
months, and then the
next day would be oh,

we're stuck here for
another year. Yeah. And
there's just no like

consistency with
anything they say. Like
everything changes. And

it gotten to the point
where I was like, just
don't tell me anything.

Like if you're gonna
post up on your
Instagram about what's

happening, like, hide
your story. For me. It
was like stressing out

so much because
everything was changing.
Like every day, there

was no stability in it
whatsoever. And there
still isn't. Yeah, good.


Were you worried he was
gonna lose his job to
Are you still worried

about that?

I feel like yes, yes.
Definitely. Even though
like things are

changing, hopefully,
hopefully trending.
Still. We are think

about it yet.

And what about for you?

In the beginning,
everybody was like
completely against it.

And then it just felt
like dominoes. Yeah. And
now my husband and one

other or the last
Chaplain standing up
fighting for religious

freedom. It's just, it's
been so much on my
children. It's really a

loss of a jury. Because
I believe that my
husband's army chaplain

career is not over. My

lost both her parents in
short order father in
law to the vaccine, did

all the research and
everything and had all
this information and

tried to pass the
information along. Very
few people were

receptive but that took
a toll on her
emotionally it took a

toll on me emotionally
to see her struggle with
that and then everything

on the military side
it's it's just not been
a steady state it's just

been the you know, okay,
there's a chance others

well, that's the
unfortunate coin is the
exemptions were not

treated the way that
they previously were you
as a chaplain, you know

this intimately because
you dealt with
directions life, and so

correct me if I'm wrong.
I'm going to kind of go
through for people how

this all worked.
Previously this all
happened at the company

level this happened on
base people knew each
other you make your

request the chaplain
release, maybe not by
you know the paperwork

but in general in in the
way it really worked in
real life it kingdom,

the chaplain the
chaplain go up and say,
hey, yeah, we should

approve this and then it
got approved. So you as
a chaplain, was there

any issue with soldiers
who came to you with
religious exemptions

previously, with them
getting their religious
exemption? No,

if it was found sincere,
and that's that's the
process is that you get

interviewed by a
chaplain, and this is
our lane to figure out

whether there's a
burden, and whether your
belief is sincere. Yeah.

And once we determine
that we take our jobs
very seriously, as at

least I view religious
freedom in the military,
especially is vitally

important. Yeah. And we
find that beliefs are
sincere, we pass it

along to the chain of
command, and almost 100%
of time before all this

started, they will
listen to what the

so here's the question.
Previous to this
previous to the COVID

vaccine. How many of you
had to give a rough
percentage doesn't need

to be exact, but a rough
percentage of how many
were approved out of

every 10? What would you

When that sincerely at
least? Yeah, long as it
wasn't something that

was totally crazy. That
would take away from the
mission. Yeah, and

almost all

okay, and then post
COVID vaccine. How many
of you seen approved of

all the exemptions? Oh,
no. I've seen personally
what one

one exemption

he went for an RA or
lifts accommodation and
we just thought okay, I

think army protocols
like for reading you
know, nobody there's no

I like to them I'm like
with me back to my
daughter like only 130

days you know, well that
that whole experience
you know to go all the

way to sec deck and down
and by the way, like
nobody's got it

approved. Be all
theater. You know, I
thought maybe a chaplain

will get an RA like a
chaplain should get a
real if anybody's gonna

get anyone to demanda
Chappie fighting for
Muslims to grow beards

and Orthodox Jews or
grow beards out got for
transgender flags on my

street. Maybe a chaplain
can get a religious
accommodation maybe and

maybe in a sane come
throughout the
Constitution covers all

that man. I

wish I had brought that
up when when he was over
here that like the

insanity and literally a
Chatwin not being able
to get away with just

to come and get course
Loomis and could get for
sit out. So we wait

eight months, and that
ra comes back tonight.
When that first

religious combination
came back. It was like a
kick in the gut. We

thought we were the only
ones and military spouse
manby showered us with

meals and gifts and
prayers like high level
official lives, we're

bringing suit over
tummies. He's like, Nah,
I'm going to fight this.

I'm like, here we go
have okay, but it'll
fight this. So he

submits an appeal. And
everybody knows what
happens next. They all

come back tonight except
for like one or two
random chaplains one in

California. There's
another one that we just
heard about like last

week. So we're like what
happens is orderly
religious persecution,

like waiting for
swelling timeout. Well,
like timeout. I know the

military is going more
agnostic. Nobody really
knows what to do the

chaplain board but is it
the chaplains job to
defend religious

freedom? Well, the
nomination lights, okay,
we're gonna take this

all the way to the end,
even if he gets like
head chopped off. Like,

that's the job of a
chaplain is that you
defend RFRA no matter

what, like, that's your
job. You're a travel
nurse, and then a store.

And in for such a time
as this. And thank God,
you know, he has been

blessed with athleticism
he did aerosol at
school, he can rock with

the best amount he can
repel, we can climb. For
some reason, you know,

here we are in our 40s.
And he's acting like
he's, you know, 18 years

old. But it is a young
man's game changer. And
so he has been able to

help a lot of soldiers
when he got pulled off a
detail. That was


And so it almost comes
off to me, like the
military either is

crossing this religious
freedom boundary, which
is what I personally

believe, or that they
truly believe that only
you know what say 1% of

these requests are
actually people who have
valid religious beliefs.

In which case that
presents a new problem
for us in that fear,

starting a new sort of
religious testing system
within the military,

that has never been
there previously.
Because you take a leap,

like almost 100% being
approved down to a
chaplain only knowing of

one person approved.
That's obviously not
adding up something

changed in there.
Previously, it was all
approved at that company

level where everybody
kind of knows everybody.
Now it's approved at the

Pentagon by somebody
that none of you guys
really know. And so why

do you guys think they
did that? Does anybody
have an answer? You

don't have to answer
anybody have an answer
to that and you just

shake your head? No,
because it doesn't make
sense to me. And I think

anybody watching they're
shaking their head to
going Why would you

change that for this one
vaccine when previously
the previous system it

wasn't like there was
some flaw in it. There
wasn't some you know,

breakout story that
embarrassed the
Pentagon, about the way

this had all worked
proved. be asleep. It
was a working system. It

was a fair system. would
you guys say?

If I had to put a word
on it, the word that we
all hear is readiness?

As far as deploy
melanin. Yeah. As far as
why it changed. Because

with the other
exemptions, they could
say that it didn't

really affect readiness,
per se. But for whatever
reason, they're saying

this one does, even
though we know now that
it's not safe, and it's

not effective. Yeah. So
I know of people who got
the shot and then got

COVID. And I think we
are in a home does make
we all worse, but we're

at home quarantining,
yeah. How was that
adding up? Not affecting

readiness? Yeah, I'm at
work when I'm at work.
But he's not.


yeah. So it, it had a
great effect on my
family, especially when,

when the mandate came
down, we were getting
ready to make a move of

sorts, I had volunteered
for drill school, you
know, we were forward

planning for that, you
know, getting down,
we're going to be closer

to home. closest we've
ever been, since we
joined the military to

be in, you know, near
home near family, we
were wondering if, you

know, if I got kicked
out because of this, you
know, what are we going

to do? Are we going to
stay here and try and
find a job here? You

know, are we going to
move back home? Is our
oldest son who's a

senior in high school,
like, is he going to be
able to graduate here

with his friends? Or are
we going to have to, you
know, make the move back

home. So it was it was
very stressful, very way
is still is the initial

shock of it all, was
extremely stressful,
especially my wife was a

big reason. I made this
move, because of all her
research and telling me

everything and you know,
I put two to two
together with my

religion. And, you know,
that's opted me to take
a religious route. And

much as his wife did,
they've been kind of
collaborating together,

you know, with all their
information and
resources that they

have, and trying to get
the word out there.

So I was very outspoken,
and a lot of the wives
would be like, Are you

kidding me? You would
have let your husband
ruin his whole entire

career over a shot. I
was like, Are you
kidding me? He would let

your husband take down
risk over a career
taking a look at who are

you trusting? Yeah. Who
are you putting your
faith in? Where are you

getting your
information? It's more
of a question to

yourself, instead of
trying to question
everybody else. I think

that's where I had
started was questioning,
why do I feel this way?

And that started me down
my road and my journey
and witches, the reason

why he didn't take it
because he or meds he
would have taken it.

But no, I mean, I think
it's incredible what a
lot of spouses have

stepped up and done to
take roles where they're
saying, you know, we can

do this together, we're
going to take this risk,
because the Part A lot

of people avoid talking
about because it's just
something like, I think

most men like II don't
want to talk about your
family's finances and

stuff like that, or
financially, every one
of you knows you guys

are in a service, this
is a service, it's not a
job that pays you guys

the money, it should pay
you guys period, it just
doesn't. And it's a

byproduct of that if
you're worried that
you're going to get

separated in the moment
and possibly not have
any benefits at all

afterwards, because they
may dishonorably
discharged you, which

was the case for a time
they were as they were
pressuring with this,

you may be dishonorably
discharged just in the
real world. I mean, you

guys had to have these
talks with your spouses
that any day now that

could be it, and what
money is going to be
able to sustain us? Are

we going to our kids
going to be homeless?
You know, things along

those lines? Did you
guys have these

We did and a big part of
it was, you know, for
the time being, we're

like, hey, you know, we
have a lot of family
back in Florida, where

we're going, who are
willing to support us.
And right off the bat,

we're like, well, we can
sell our house, we'll
we'll make money off of

that, you know, and at
least it'll sustain us
for a whatever, a couple

of months while we know
get back on our feet for
the time being. But

that's still a very
uncertain future. Like
everybody said, the

writing was on the wall,
it was coming. So my
family, we made certain

things that you know,
we're going to do
everything we can to be

as debt free as we can.
Yeah. Because we don't
know the process when I

say no, I'm not going to
take it or I go through
the process of religious

exemption insult at
night. We don't have
time, especially back

then. So it was a giant
unknown. So very, it's
just added to the


Yeah, I think the back
and forth of okay,
you're gonna be out

tomorrow. Now you get to
stay in. I mean, we ran
back to Florida, also

for Florida a couple
times. Do we buy house
do not buy a house, and

then the expense and the
cost and doing that too?
Yeah. And it's been

really, really
difficult. And this not
just for our family, but

countless numbers of
soldiers are dealing
with this.

Back in 2021. They even
started mentioning the
vaccine. Like Han I was

an absolute harp. No,
like I just it just
didn't seem right to me.

because I knew that it
took years for a vaccine
to get approved or any,

anything like that. So I
was like, This just
doesn't seem right. So I

was already a No, I
didn't know about the
religious accommodation

stuff until you know, it
became mandated at the
time was mandated. I was

17 years active federal
service. And looking
back, it was kind of

unfortunate, because I
actually joined the army
1998. So but I got out

after my first contract,
and if I would have
never done that I could

have retired five years
ago. Yeah. And now the
world I'm dealing with.

Yeah. So because you're
how far away? Are you
from around 20 months


And so that that hangs
over you? Oh,

absolutely. Including my
wife. She would go she
kept going back and

forth. Not that she she
never wanted me to take
it. But her mind just

kept going. We're gonna
lose everything. We're
literally gonna lose

everything. If you don't
take it. Sorry. And then
I think what really was

the final straw for her
is when they started
pushing out like all

medical was going to
have to be mandated to
like, any medical, and

she works in that field.
And she told me, she
told me one night she's

like, if they mandate it
for us, she's like, I'm
quitting my job. And I

think that was the final
straw. She was like, if
I'm going to quit,

there's no way I'm gonna
make you get it. Yeah.
So yeah,

just terrible. How many
of you guys know
somebody who is vaccine

injured? And how many of
you guys know somebody
who died after getting

the vaccine? So that's
even itself shocking.
How many you guys know

somebody who died
healthy person after
getting COVID? Nobody. I

think that's important
for people to see the
real life reality of

this. And to do that, I
am going to pull out my
phone. I want to read

the stats so that
everybody has them. Very
exact way. So here we

go. Whistleblower
Lieutenant Colonel Pete
chambers told center

square in February that
after 39 years of
service, he was being

forced out of the Texas
Army National Guard for
his commitment to

providing informed
consent. Imagine that
what a doctor supposed

to do. Chambers, the
first Special Forces
operation surgeon for

the Green Berets raised
concerns about a range
of side effects,

including myocarditis.
He then went on to raise
concerns about the

publisher de med data,
identifying the most
common increases in

diagnoses among service
members, after receiving
the mRNA shots. This

included a 2,181%
increase in
hypertension, a 1,048%

increase in diseases of
the nervous system, and
894% increase in

malignant neoplasms of
the esophagus. 680%
increase in multiple

sclerosis, five or 51%
increase in drilling
Barre Syndrome, and many

others. I mean, it goes
down the line, we all
know the cardiac issues

that go beyond
myocarditis. So when you
look at this, you have

to have seen some of
this on your own basis,
correct? Everybody,

everybody's seen this.
What is the effect been
on those people? If you

know these people, how
is army taking care of
these people who have

been injured after being
forced to get the shot
from what

I've seen with my some
of my soldiers that are
going through it as kind

of case dependent on
severity, if they're
ruling it severe enough,

you know, they can go
through the med board
process and get out with

some benefits. And
others who are having
heat, say more mild

symptoms, heart
palpitations, chest
pains, breathing

problems, stuff like
that. They're giving
them what is a call to

chapter 514? Medical,
and it's a centrally
just a separation out of

the army with no
benefits other than what
their normal separation

would allow them. Yeah.
All the guys

that I'm friends with,
he really didn't want to
take it. But he felt

like you had to use bail
to stay in. And then he
got back from the injury

from it and is now
having to get out.

Are they even offering
up anything to these
people like, Hey, we're

sorry, that we forced
you to get this thing we
said was safe and

effective. And now
you're injured and can't
work anymore can't carry

out the job you could
previously carry out no
longer the healthy,

strong person you used
to be. So here's this
big bonus. We're so

sorry for destroying
your life. Is there any
server? No bonuses? No.

And I didn't think so.

A lot of times, from
what I've seen, none of
the times have they

directly acknowledged
that it's from the
vaccine even though this

perfectly healthy
individual who now has a
ranger tab who's seen as

this very physical
specimen, if you will,
you know, within the

battalion can't even go
run a mile anymore
without you know, his

heart rate spiking to
170 180 beats a minute.
I just want to point

out to let's go back to
the beginning what was
the first thing they

harped on readiness and
has this affected
readiness in my eyes, it

clearly had this adds to
the AMI roll. The
argument that this was

about readiness can no
longer be maintained. I
said no one dead in the

water and has been for a
very long time one and
he jumped to another

area this If we're
talking about readiness,
we have to offer

recruitment. Because to
be ready, you've got to
be able to go and fill

the gaps. Okay? We have
a historic crisis right
now and recruiting for

all branches of the
military, all of a
sudden, this happened,

there was no issue, and
then all of a sudden,
bam, all of them are not

even close to their
recruitment numbers
within need to be at.

You see, I have my own
opinion on why that is,
but I don't want to

color the commentary on
what you guys are gonna
say. So I just want you

guys take, what is the
reason this is
happening? Because I

don't think it's just
one thing. I think the
vaccine mandate is a big

part. But I think that
there's other stuff,
I'll leave it to you

guys, I'm gonna start
here and just kind of go
in a line.

I think there's more of
a majority of people,
both ex military and

civilian wives who are
against it. You know,
they're, I wouldn't say

swaying their children,
but informing their
children about it, which

is causing them less
likely to join, because
they know they have to

get it. Yeah. Also a lot
of stories. I have
friends who are drill

sergeants, people who
are coming in without a
vaccine, who are trying

to get, you know,
religious commendations
or medical exemptions,

they allow them to go
into basic, and then
they basically keep them

there and just keep them
there until they either
decide to get it, or

their exemption fails,
and they put them right
back out of the army. So

a lot of the stories are
going around as well.

My brother's a recruiter
for the Air Force in
Evansville. It was

before the pandemic that
he had moved up there.
And so you know, he

loved it. He loved his
job, you know, he was
always meeting his

quota, not a problem.
The last year 15 months
or so, she hasn't been

able to he's been super
stressed because the
higher ups are on lots

of Bashir and yeah, try
to get him to meet his
goal. But it's like, I

can't just pull these
people in here. They
have to want to come run

on Yeah,

I think within the ease
of it's really important
that I've also seen in

though, admittedly,
anecdotal is still very
important, and that is

that military service, a
lot of times tend to be
generational, an

individual serves
because they had a
parent who served

potentially even a
grandparent, etc. And I
think what we're gonna

see now is a large break
in a generational
service. Yes, and there

are many reasons why
young people may not
want to join the

military right now. But
what I'm talking about
is specifically where

parents who have served
that have either been
forced out right now, or

they're on their way
out, or they just
recently have left are

actively discouraging
their their children
from joining. Whereas

otherwise, in a majority
of cases, they might
have actively encouraged

them to join, the child
may even want to join.
And the parents are

saying, Don't do it.
Don't do it.

And so what what else do
you think it is, but
aside from the vaccine


and I can say whatever I
want, I'm no longer in
the military, I

resigned. That's what
I've addressed. So the
thing that listen, so if

I say things that these
guys won't say, then
there's my opinions

don't attribute them to
them? Yes, I think it's
intentional. So I think

that when we talk about
the, you know, the
wokeness, is the word of

the day, right? Or, or
whether it's what's
going on with these,

these injections that,
you know, I try to
always get to myself and

not refer to them as
vaccines, because I will
grant them that I think

they are multiple prongs
in the same strategy,
which is erode military

readiness. So that's
what I think it is. I
think we're willfully

eroding. I think this
was always the plan, not
building military

readiness, but eroding
it. And I think we're
doing that with the

military. While also it
looks like we're doing
it with other

institutions and venture
as well, we are

all over the board. So
this is part of what
I've said, this is an

argument where you guys
feel free to tell me we
went too far on this

too, because you guys
are the experts in this,
not me, but just

outsider looking in. To
me, it appears as if
this is targeted,

ideological division to
specifically target a
group of people that

would also fit the
psychological profile of
being the most likely to

be a problem. Shouldn't
some sort of Marxist
communist tyrannical

regime decide they want
to do something that
your average person who

swore an oath to the
Constitution would go? I
swore an oath to the

Constitution not to do
this? Yeah. Am I wrong,
that it's targeting a

specific group

of people? No, what what
I think you're doing is
you're looking at the

evidence that is in
front of our faces, and
you're making an

assessment based on that
evidence. And I think
we've probably made a

similar assessment that
I know that you're on at
all. I in fact, I wish

more people would look
at what is right in
front of our faces and

realize just how bad
this is. In no way would
I ever say the situation

is hopeless. Yeah. But
people need to
acknowledge just how

pervasive and pernicious
disease is, if we don't
fully acknowledge it,

we'll never will never
fix it. Well, this

is a question for you.
You're You're out. And
so you can answer this

question when you were
in. How often are the
conversations happening

among soldiers? In terms
of all the wokeness and
the trainings and

everything else? How
often are they talking
about it privately, in

ways that they would
never say publicly
because they have to

protect you know, their
career, for sure. For
sure, undoubtedly, would

you say the vast

Yeah, the the average
soldier on the line.
Now, there's probably

been a cultural decline
in our society that is
also manifesting itself

in the military, but
particularly in combat
units. And you know,

everyone here was part
of the 100, and first
airborne division. So

when you have these
these line units,
soldiers in these line

units, they are a little
more resistant to a lot
of that weakness that

more easily penetrates
other other areas of the
military. That doesn't

mean that it's not
there. But they will
hold out a little bit

longer. So are they are
they resistant to this?
Do they talk amongst

themselves about it? Of
course, yeah,
undoubtedly debt.

I mean, that's what I
think most people can
think of here. But we

like to educate sure of
what's going on.

If I may just there's
one other thing you
mentioned, that, I think

is also very apt. And
that is, what we're
seeing here is a loyalty

test. The question in
everyone's mind should
be loyalty to whom or

what? Yes. So when you
take an oath to the
Constitution, what

supersedes the
Constitution, nothing,
may God. That's it. So

what I think is
happening in the
military, and in a

normally functioning
society, predicated upon
Republican principles.

And I mean, Republican
with a small are not not
a larger your military

would not be at odds
with the people or the
Constitution, those

would naturally be in a
line. In a normally
functioning society.

That's all great. And as
you serve in the
military, you are

serving the country. The
problem is, when they're
misaligned, and when

their attention with one
another, you're not
necessarily serving the

country, just by virtue
of the fact that you
have one a military

uniform, that's the
dirty little secret.
Everyone wants to think

that that a military
officer or a soldier is
serving the country. But

really, you're serving
the government, you're
only serving the country

in as much as the

is serving the country
hitting a point that
I've talked about

previously on the show,
and it's that, you know,
the great thing about

the Constitution is it's
fixed. It's not it's not
up for debate, people

will try to bait but you
can't really debate it.
Okay. It's, it's there.

The originalist text it
it really means one
thing, and it's not very

difficult to discern
what that is. Now, the
difficulty in the issue

that we have in this
case is that we've
reframed what people are

answering and swearing
an oath to in the eyes
of the larger, let's

say, media apparatus,
and the narrative that
they're selling. And

that's that you're
you're really, you know,
going and swearing an

oath to whoever's in the
White House at the time.
And honestly, as

dangerous no matter
which side of the aisle
and you follow her

because you can't
control like the
Constitution, it's

fixed, whoever,
whoever's in that White
House, what they believe

and think and want to do
is not always fixed. And
so go and swear an oath

to somebody,
essentially, by applying
loyalty tests to a party

or regime, is how you
get into really
dangerous terrain

territory. And that's
where we aren't met, is
that that's what I

believe this is I'm not
gonna ask people who are
still in but I think

that it's very clear to
anybody who's looking at
the basic facts of

what's going on. And I
think you're absolutely
right about that. Where

are we go from here?
We've got right now the
NBA in Congress, and it

looks like a deal has
been struck on for the
NDAA. So it looks like

they're going to do away
with the mandate. I say
works, because nothing

is real until it's
signed, and it's in law.
There are conversations

still about, you know,
because this has got to
go to the Senate still

on and then it goes to
Joe Biden's desk and all
that. So there's still

chance things change.
There's still
conversations around

backpay. Okay, and
there's still
conversations about Will

we reinstate people who
were fired. And so I
want to touch on these

points. If you guys
this, ultimately, it is
going to be on Joe

Biden's desk. Okay.
Ultimately, that's where
it lands President's

desk. What would you
guys say to Joe Biden to
encourage him to number

one, reinstate people
who've been fired?
Number two, do away with

this environment of
people walking on
eggshells being afraid

of what's going to come
next. And also giving
back paid to people who

had their bid taken away
and reinstating
retirements for people

who were forced out. And
were, you know, within a
year of their

retirement. What would
you guys say
individually? We'll go

down on start on this.
And what would you say
to the president, United

States commander in
chief, to get these
mandates pooled and make

sure that people were
treated the way the
right way?

I think it's absolutely
imperative that everyone
that was wrongfully

kicked out of the
military, or force or
military, or like, in

his case, chose to leave
even though he chose to
leave. If the mandate

was never in place, he
would never have made
that decision,

you would have never
left if the mandate
never been around for so

who knows how many more
years he would have
served, right? My

original plan was to do
24 years. But as soon as
all this happens, like

now I'm going to spend
20 Yeah, because it was
just, I didn't like what

I've seen. Yeah. So it
is imperative that
everyone at least has

the opportunity to come
back in because not
everybody is going to

want to

Yeah, and you're still
living in fear of going
into that 20 year Why

exactly are you just
have to wait and hope
and Trade are not one of

the ones that gets
separated. Exactly. Now
that the NDAA, they have

a deal on it, the Biden
administration and the
DOD, they are moving to

separate more soldiers
between now and when the
NDA is signed, because

once it's signed,
including at least the
main day being over,

they're not gonna have
to call us to be able to
get rid of you. But in

that interim, between
now and then, they will
try, you know, if

they're committed to
this, and they haven't
struck a deal with the

White House. That's the
next step. And if they
do it, they're gonna go

bid, they're gonna go
after everybody, it's
not going to be a

targeted deal. They're
gonna go and try to get
rid of absolutely

everybody very quickly,
right before it gets
signed, and then sign

it. And it'll be really
one of those things that
DC is famous for, where

they pretend they do
something where nothing
really was done, because

if nobody's left, who's
unvaccinated, then
you're sending something

that has no meaning, you
know, because, okay, the
man needs over, but it

applies to no one now.
And that's really the
thing that we have to

work to prevent is to
make sure that they
didn't get away with

that without the public
knowing what's going on.
And what the framers are

going through, what
would you say to prison
United States,

I would say, Mr.
President, is the
greatest honor of my

entire professional life
to serve. And these men
and women that have

stood up for their
beliefs stood up for
their convictions, this

is exactly who you want
in the military. These
are the men and women

that you want on the
front lines, because
they're willing to lay

everything down for
their convictions for
religious freedom for

the freedoms of this
country. And they
deserve more than

anybody else, to be able
to serve in the ways
that they have i

Britain, I've been blown
away seeing the
courageousness of so

many men and women that
have said, no matter
what the costs, I'm

standing up for my

So that definitely comes
a day that you will have
to account for the

decisions that you made
for millions and
millions of people, for

a country that has built
on the promise of being
free. And what has been

done here and the hand
that has been dealt has
been more detrimental to

every aspect and facets
of a person's personal
life. And you just threw

that away. And you made
decisions that affected
them that had absolutely

nothing to do with an
illness. And so I do
implore you to take

another step back and
look at the detriment
that you have already

allowed to be caused.
And look into the
future, to see what we

can do. If you are very
much on to unity, as you
say that you are that

you will do things to
bring our country back
together. And that is

not to force them to do
something that goes
against their moral

fibers. So I do implore
you to take another look
and to make the right


President Joe Biden, if
you end up seen this
video, Secretary of

Defense Lloyd Austin, I
I just want to say
please, I implore you,

please reinstate the
military that had been
kicked out over a deeply

held religious
accommodations. This
country was founded on

Judeo Christian
principles. Even at West
Point, it says that an

army without a compass
or a conscience, you
don't want that. We need

to have people with
conscience and character
still left and our

military. I don't judge
anybody that took this.
I really don't a lot of

my friends. Their
spouses did not want to
take this but they did

this to provide for
their family. Please
help our military regain

better morale. Morale is
so low. It recruitment
is all time low. I'm

praying for you guys, I
really am I do I pray
for you. I don't care

what party you're a part
of, I pray for our
leaders. Our nation

means good at strong,
godly nation leaders.
And that's what you

that's what you got has
put you in this position
to lead our nation. And

I just pray that you
would please please,
please do not meet with

this. Do not be to this
do the right thing. Lift
the mandate and

reinstate? Well, I would

say to the president,
it'd be just like, give
them the freedom back.

They want to come back
given that opportunity.
Make sure that the

language is in there
that says they have that
opportunity because the

chaplain said they chose
that they chose to serve
it when they know

nobody's in here
FORSKOHLII saying oh,
you know, there's no

draft there's no
conscription or anything
they chose to serve a

chose to raise their
hands were though to the
Constitution and put on

the uniform every day.
And that was taken away
from the

wrong. Yeah. So follow
up to you. And this is
important to me. My

family came from Cuba
where communism I mean,
it's a big reason why I

care as much as I do is
because I see the
warning signs. I hope

people understand what a
big question this really
is, but do you feel like

you were serving to
protect and preserve a
freak country still? Is

this a free country?

In a general sense, yes,
we have a lot of
freedoms in this country

that don't exist or
extremely suppressed in
other parts of the world

yet. So in that respect,
yes, I do. I think those
freedoms are being

stripped and slowly

Would you agree with
that? Would you say
we're a free country?

I agree with what he
said. But behind a
veneer of freedom. There

are substantial
problems, and I am in
full support of the

rescission of the the
mandate. But I also
think that that is step

one. And I think that
that alone is a very
minor victory. And I

think that we should not
content ourselves with
that we should go much,

much further. I think we
need to figure out how
and why we got here. It

needs to be a full
investigation finds me a
lot of people in jail.

If we don't get to the
root cause of how this
happened. Things like

this will happen again.
And we have seen some
things happen over the

last two to three years
that should have never
happened on American

soil. So are we going to
permit those to happen
again. The other thing

is, is that these these
gentlemen right here and
other people liked in

all across the armed
forces, they're not
pariahs, these never

should have been treated
like pariahs find a
better warrior across

the armed forces, and a
better, you know,
warrior for God than

Andy Hurco. Right here,
Chaplain, you know, if
you can find a better

one than him, I'd like
to meet him, but I don't
think you can yet. So

don't rescind the
mandate and reinstate
soldiers because you

think you're doing them
a favor, not doing them
a favor, you are giving

them what you owe them.
And it should be with
significant compensation

on top of it. Because
these individuals are
the ones who never

turned her back in the
country and never
violated their oath to

the Constitution. And
you got my words
Breadman was taken on

everybody else, you got
criminals at the top of
DOD, because what has

been going on is
absolutely criminal. The
demand in itself is

predicated upon fraud,
the fact that the demand
data is out there,

everyone knows about it,
and it has not been
thoroughly investigated.

And these mandates have
not been stopped before
that is criminal. And

they've tried to take
over very important they
trying to conceal, and

they try to cover up
these are crimes. And
these crimes by those

committed by the duty
leadership are further
enabled by commanders at

every level that are
cowards. And maybe a
year ago or 50 months

ago, when the mandate
wouldn't to effect.
charitably, I could say,

maybe they were naive.
Maybe they were true
believers of what's

going on. It is
impossible to continue
to claim ignorance right

now. So long as you
possess the intellectual
capacity of being a

commander in the armed
forces would require
that so do are you

limited in your
intellectual capacity,
which would disqualify

you from your job? Or
have you violated your
oath to the

Constitution, and he
turned her back on the

because that's a very
basic core premise of
being a man, you know,

it is an important thing
to bring up. One of the
core tenants, I think

that all men should live
by is that you should
never fear persecution,

you should fear the
fruits of the compromise
it takes to avoid being

persecuted. That's what
I think is going through
a lot of the people who

know this is wrong, but
are staying silent. Is
there compromising for

fear of persecution?
Sure. And that's the
culture we have to

change. Because the more
people realize, here's
the fun thing. I've been

all over the country
over the past few years
talking to people,

people of all walks of
life, Democrats,

independents, when you
get one on one with
somebody and talk about

this issue, it's
overwhelmingly the
majority of people in

that one on one setting
will go this is crazy.
We shouldn't be treating

our soldiers like this.
Okay, that's the vast
majority. But then when

you get into a public
space, or you get into
spaces where potentially

there could be
ramifications, because
people at work might

find out what you said,
Sure, suddenly, the
silence kicks in. And

this is one of those
warning signs I was
talking about is that in

communist countries,
that's how it started
before became a

communist countries. It
was a country where it
suddenly became very

uncomfortable to tell
the truth. And he felt
like there were private

consequences for the
truth. But then very
suddenly, there were

government consequences
for telling the truth.
And we already see

mechanisms of that
starting to crop up with
the disinformation board

they tried to put
together this year
through DHS. The fact

that DHS and the Biden
administration paid this
year 12 plus million

dollars to an
organization, a group of
four entities that make

up what's called the
eip. The EIP created an
enemies list of 20

Something people
including myself, the
Trump family, some other

figures by Jacques de
Silva, Charlie Kirk,

James Woods,

the actor, who's got a
great Twitter account.
By the way, this was a

list of requests for
parties to be censored.
This is a new line

that's been crossed by
the US government. When
you put all that

together, and you look
at it with this loyalty
test that we talked

about earlier. It paints
a really ugly picture
about the future

direction to certain
people want to take the
country. And to be

perfectly honest, I
don't care what party
the people are doing

that they could be if
they were from the party
that I vote for, I would

be the first person at
the front saying, we
need to stop this. I

don't care what they
align with. Because at
the end of the day, it's

on a party they're
aligning to it's an
ideology that has killed

people and destroyed
countries before. And
that's obviously not

everybody's opinion, in
my opinion, I think it's
important to have these

conversations out in the
open, and show no fear
telling the truth.

Because that's the
culture that needs to be
popular. Radisson

normalized is, at least
when I was at data, and
I think you guys all

probably have the same
experience, the thing
that was popular was, if

you disagreed with
somebody, you would just
say, you know, this is a

free country, remember
that the words didn't,
you would just go

Alright, well, I don't
agree with you. But it's
a free country, you can

make what you want. And
people said that all the
time, all the time,

whenever I had a
disagreement was always
in rap. It's a free

country think what you
want and they could see
some crazy off the wall

stuff. Now if they said
that crazy off the wall
stuff they people would

be like, we need to
really have a discussion
here. You may need to

have some emotional
training is it there'd
be like a million

different steps so that
you could lose your job,
so on so forth, right?

You know, I feel like a
healthy society tops
stuff out, you know, it

puts things out in the
open because the truth
is, when I was a kid, it

was a much better place.
Because when you allow
the crazy to be out in

the open, everybody
could very easily self
identify, Okay, Uncle

Uncle, Rocky's a little
crazy, everybody just,
you know, don't pay

attention to what he's
saying, But let him do
this thing. Everybody

understood what was
going on, you know, and
there was nothing hidden

underneath, you know, in
the shadows. And I think
that's what we're

creating is this
reality, where
everything is gonna get

pushed more and more
into the shadows if we
allow this to continue.

But for you guys, you
know, we talked about
your families, you on a

personal level, as a
man, as a father, as a
husband, personally,

what is the cost that
you think the public
doesn't know about? Have

a mandate like this, and
the coercion and the
risk to your job, and

everything, this other
thing, too, this is just
a job for you guys.

People don't join, they
don't join up, because
they just want a job

where this is not a
place you go, because
you just want to make

money. Okay? So this is
something you guys love
your country. You like,

let's get into the
depths of that you're
you're willing to die

for your country, and
the Constitution and the
values they are in?

Obviously, not what
you've experienced right
now, because that's not

a reflection of the real
reason why you guys
joined up, but what does

that cost been for you

So actually, to go with
that, I've said from the
beginning that and it

kind of goes with each
thing that they've said
is those of us who stood

our ground or will
really the only ones
that were actually

fighting for freedom
because everybody else
just bow yet. I just

don't understand how
people can't see what's
happening. You know,

it just isn't what she
for you fell much a bit
as a force in the first

place. Because I know
across other industries,
medical industry, you go

into touring industry,
everything else of music
and stuff like that. The

vaccine fake vaccine
cards are ranted. Okay.
So when this whole

mandate came down the
principal way they were
checking this was just

take a look at the card.
Okay, cool. He got his
you guys all know this

was going on in the
military, too, right?
There were fake vaccine

cards being used to pass
off the people got it.
Correct. Absolutely. We

did. Like every, like
every other industry.
And you know, this was

happening everywhere.
You know, those are the
people I have the

biggest problem with, I
don't have a problem
with everybody making

their choice. You want
to get it, you get it,
knock yourself out, I

don't have a problem
with it. The people who
are wishy washy and go

okay, I'm gonna fake
comply, I actually don't
want it. But I'm not

willing to stand up for
what I believe in. You
know, I know a lot of

people who who died in
service of trying to
fight for freedom that

bothers me on a very
core level. You know, I
think that we ever,

especially men,
especially like, we
don't talk about this

stuff, enough, as a
country, we have a
responsibility as men to

stand up first, and put
ourselves out there
first and take the risk

first. And it's not that
women can't do it. They
absolutely can't. My

wife probably has a
higher pain threshold
than I do. But the truth

is, it's just something
in us that I feel like
is required of us to

stand up in moments like
this throughout COVID.
This kind of gets away

from the military stuff.
But throughout COVID I
was so ashamed as a man,

when I saw these videos
of grown men in grocery
stores yelling at women

to put their mask on.
And yeah, I mean, it's
crazy. It only happened

one time ever in real
life where I was around,
and I walked away to

around the grocery
store. And I told the
guy like get over what

you're doing, but I'm
not wearing masks even
say anything to me.

Maybe it's because I'm a
foot taller than you but
you went over to a mom

with her kid and scared
them telling her she
needs to go and do it

obvious she's never
known for a reason. So
give her probability and

follow us around the
roof restore, but I'm
gonna go go shopping

with her and I went
around the Publix with
her until she was done

and she was so thankful
and that's where she
ended with. She's like,

thank you for doing what
mentioned do, and you
guys are doing what men

should do. So that's
what I want to tell you
guys, as men, as

fathers, as as brothers
as husbands as just
other fellow men, like,

Thank you for being the
men that the world
needs. This is the

authority and position
that we need to have a
standing out there and

saying, we're going to
tell the truth, we're
gonna stand up for what

we believe in. And
that's what you guys
have done. I mean, I'll

let you guys continue
in, you know, that
effect on me personally.


yeah, I think
convictions have
consequences. Yeah. And

I think if you're trying
to teach your family and
trying to teach your

kids that you need to
stand up for what is
right, I think it's an

important lesson for
them to learn. But it's
a painful lesson. And I

think that's been most
difficult. For me, and
heart wrenching for me,

it's just to see my
wife, my kids go through
the pain of learning

that I don't regret the
decision that I made an
L or Brett than learning

that lesson. But as a
husband, and as a
father, you and hurts

you, and you want your
kids and your wife to
have a great life and to

have dreams. And over
the last 18 months, a
lot of that's been

stripped away from them,
that's really difficult
to see. But I'm thankful

I'm hopeful that guy
will continue to use
this. And that one day

in their lives, they
could look back and say,
okay, there was a

conviction that my dad
stood up for. And I saw
the pain that put me

through this other pain
that put him through.
But I'm gonna also say,

miner, you're a
chaplain. So you know
this better than I do.

But I mean, the life of
Jesus is all about
persecution. And, you

know, Christians, that's
what we're called to do
is, is to emulate as

best we can, you know,
the life of Jesus and
the way that, you know,

he acted he behaved and
what he preached. And
you know, part of that

is saying the
uncomfortable thing,
even if it's offensive

to some people, and
telling the truth when
it's because that's the

thing people forget,
Jesus was killed for his
offensive words. He

wasn't killed for some
act of terrorism, or so
you know, it was, it was

his words. And we live
in an environment again,
we're once again words

are the most dangerous
thing being thrown
around, you know,

they're being framed as
if words are violence
now, like we carry bombs

in our throats. And the
truth is, is that you
know what, there's a

little bit of truth to
it. Sometimes words can
be the most powerful

thing. They're not
violence. I think that's
a ludicrous, but they

are the most powerful
thing sometimes. And
that's why there's so

many, you know,
authoritarian people who
their chief aim is to

silence you, you know,
and this is another form
of silencing, in my

opinion, is the coercion
system built in stop
people from being able

to even speak out and
have a voice and talk
about this?

19 plus years in the
military? He learned
that? Yes, is the

answer, but he walks and
yes is always the goal.
But yes, comes at a

cost. And sometimes the
cost is too high for
somebody to accept, the

cost of me saying yes to
this vaccine is the cost
of my convictions, the

cost of my beliefs, the
cost of my families,
trust in me, and all

those things are a
driving force, you don't
want to ever have to put

your family through
that. And all this stuff
has put everybody

stalemate through then
again, our beliefs,
while still a choice,

they have guided us in a
direction to make those
choices to, to what pay

that cost or not. Yeah,
sometimes that's
painful. The road to

what you want, and the
road that God has put
you on can be painful,

but it's also full of
knowledge. Hopefully,
through all this

process, we have gained
the knowledge to not let
it happen again.

So a couple of things
that I would say,
because I agree with the

light of what you said
about men who in some
ways have kind of failed

right now at this moment
where they need to be
standing up, I was in

the military for, you
know, just over 19 years
before that for

additional years at West
Point. And many people
who have that amount of

time, have probably
deployed multiple times.
And with very few

exceptions, those who
were in extremely
dangerous situations, or

maybe they were wounded
or something like that.
Outside of those because

there are some people
who have been in some
pretty crazy situations

in the military careers,
I would never diminish
that I would never

diminish true bravery
that has been shown. But
outside of those, this

is the fight you need to
stand up for for your
country. You know, right

here. That's what I
would say to the people
who are wearing the

uniform. The other thing
I would say is, when we
look at our country, the

enemy outside the gates
is never as dangerous as
the one inside the

gates. And right now
with our country, when
we look at our

institutions and what
has happened and how
thoroughly corrupted

they have become the
enemy is inside the
gates. Yeah, well inside

the gates, and we've got
to stop worrying about
other things when we

need to look right here
at home and try and
figure out what's going

on because it's a
massive problem. And
then the other thing

that I would really say
when I look at those who
have been willing to

give up a lot and you
have understood that
this is the fight, you

know, it's individuals
like this, and I've got
I've got some great

friends of mine. You
have peers of mine who
are still good tank

commanders in there.
They're good guys.
They're good guys. They

are on the wrong side of
this issue. And they're
standing against their

country, not with their
country, they may or may
not believe that, if

they don't believe that
they're wrong, you're
this is the issue of the

time. And for those that
have gone along with
this up to this point,

we all make mistakes.
There's still time

not to wait. Absolutely

all the time. It is not
to wait. We're not here
to bash you. We're not

here to make you pay
penance. Like we're not
those people. We're

actually trying to just
say, hey, we want you to
be free, we're an

absolute mess. And we
would like you to stand
up for freedom. And

that's it. You're Willie
Cena for freedom. I
don't care how late you

are to the party, come
to the party, you know,
it's it's a side that

always is aligned with
joy too, which is an
interesting thing. You

know, Freedom ultimately
leads to joy. Whereas
the other side, this

coercive mentality, it
always leads to chaos,
it always leads to the

breakdown of societies
and cultures. Sure,

from the perspective of
Christianity. If you are
a Christian man, and you

have no enemies, that's
a problem. That's a
problem. It means that

you are not standing up
and resisting the forces
that should be resisted.

Did you

watch our episode today,
I feel like maybe you
wash your Sim today,

they came out with
pastors, the number of
the megachurch pastors

out there who want to do
this lukewarm,
accessible to everybody

Christianity thing where
they don't want to talk
about anything

controversial ever,
because my god district
over anything

controversial, some
people might not want to
stay in your mega

church, and then you
won't get the private
jet that you have, that

you are the new private
jet, you have your eyes
on it. And that seems to

be this overarching
mentality. And a lot of
these places that are

just trying to invent a
new form of
Christianity. And the

truth is like, we've got
to be willing and
understand that you are

going to be hated.
That's just almost a
promise from the Bible.

I mean, if you've read
the Bible, pretty much
every man and it has

been persecuted. And the
other thing too, is that
there's also a great

theme of flawed men
coming around and doing
the right thing, which

is why I have a little
bit of faith that some
of the people who are on

the wrong side of this
issue, can maybe even
watch something like

this, and realize they
were missing something,
and that they didn't

face or see or look into
the depths of the
humanity on the other

side of this, and be
able to go, wow, on that
person trying to force

those people on their
families into something
that they genuinely

don't want, like they're
willing to risk it all.
Some people just don't

understand that
humanity, you know, and
that's what I hope this

delivers to people is a
taste of that community.
What about you on a

personal level?

You know, a lot of
people ask you, is this
a hurdle you're willing

to die on? You know, and
I tell them all like,
for my convictions,

absolutely. Like, you
know, you said it like
you, you can't go

through life as a
Christian without some
type of persecution. And

the other thing I want
to say is, is a lot of
people don't talk about

it, is the effects that
it has on you like
trying to be this

strong, you know, this
strong man, trying to
stand up for what you

believe is right, trying
to show your family the
right thing, like the

type of toll it takes on
you internally, you
know, to be constantly

ridiculed or put down,
you know, or bashed
about it. And I've

talked with Chafee about
it before, you know, and
he checks in on me every

now and is like, Hey,
man, You doing all
right, like, you know,

I'm doing all right
today, but nobody wants
to talk about it. But

it's hard, like behind
the scenes, like, it is
very hard to, to just

constantly face that.
Yeah. And then stand up
with a smile and try and

show your kids like, am
I'm doing this, to show
you the right way. Like

I'm doing this because
it's the right thing.

Yeah. Do you guys feel
like the elected
officials of our

country, and I'm not
gonna pick out a
specific part of elected

officials in general,
because there's a lot of
blame to go around.

There's people from both
parties who have not
risen up to the

occasion, maybe a lot
more on one than the
other. But still, do you

feel like elected
officials have shown
that they actually

appreciate your service
or care about your
service or care about

you on an individual

I think very few do
legitimately care about
us. A lot of them like

to speak it. Some of
them, some of the
elected officials are

like, hey, like we're
gonna kick them out.
But, you know, let's

let's at least let them
have an honorable
discharge. So like, no,

do the right thing to
rent stand up this for
you know, what, you

know, is right, you
know, what you swore to
in the Constitution,

which is what we all do,
it's the very first
thing we swear to, and

our oath is to uphold
and defend the
Constitution. I can

almost guarantee you the
ones that do care are

going to be sharing this

I think we've some of
them, I'm gonna say
largely No. And I think

right now what we're
seeing the others, this
group that has come

together using the NDA
is leverage. I
understand that things

politically are going to
occur, transit
Additionally, I

understand all that, but
what I see right now are
a lot of Grifters

revealing themselves for
what they are. And they
shield for the shot all

along, which even if I
look at that very
charitably of it, it

means in my view, very
nice. But they never
really fought for the

for the service members
over they did it was
very, very superficial

tokens, the board only
kind of like what you
mentioned. And then now

they're trying to attach
themselves to this. And
they want some sort of

credit for doing this.
That's right. Oh, yeah,

that's a big one. That's
a big one. I hope voters
of voters are very wise

to this, and are very
careful and look at the
full totality of

somebody's actions and
not then running around
after the NDAA.

Especially if the Biden
administration goes the
route that some people

think that they'll go
where they purge
everybody and then sign

the NDA in which case
it's essentially
meaningless. I mean,

meaningless from the
sense of the vaccine
mandate, it's still

going to make them a lot
of money at the defense
contracting companies,

but I worth your 1,000%.
It is revealing a lot of
people who are just

purely political
creatures and don't

Yeah, I just I mean, I
want to give credit and
say thank you to those

that have, yes, you
know, I think you've
been unbelievably

courageous all your
social media platforms
and what you have done

for us, I want to say
thank you

to you nothing compared
to what you guys done,
but I'd do my part. And

you you've given us a

voice, and we really,
really appreciate it.
And there are there are

elected officials that
have done the same they
have bought and made

them have put their
political position on
the line. Yes. And so

I'm we're very, very
grateful for that. Yeah.
But for the ones that

have for the tearful,

I mean, obviously the
writing is on the wall,
because you're still

here, right? Yeah, we
hadn't yet. The one
thing I will add, it has

nothing really to do
with politics or
anything. But what this

has done for me, and my
faith, though, is
exponential light,

because I've leaned on
God so heavily.

Probably I'm not in the
service when I have to
reboot the same thing.

Probably no more than I
ever had in my life. Did
everybody else in that

same boat? Because
drought COVID. Ed, it's
like then all of this,

this whole fight has
made me so much closer
with God. Oh,


And I don't want to put
words in anybody else's
mouth. But I could speak

for myself. And I would
tell you that regardless
of everything that I

gave up, if I had to
rewind 15 months or
whatever, I would make

the exact same decision.
There's not a single day
that has gone by,

despite, you know, what
I've gave up or
whatever, or the

uncertainty of what lies
ahead. There's not a
single day that has ever

gone by, in which I have
regretted the decision
that I made. If I had to

do it all over again, I
would do the exact same

Good. Good. All right.
We're gonna go slightly
off topic. I didn't

claim to talk about
this. But I think it's
interesting thing to

bring out. And people
who are currently in if
you don't want to answer

don't answer, but today,
a big prisoner swap
happened. And Brittney

Griner WNBA player was
caught with cannabis in
Russia went to jail, she

was traded for a guy
named the merchant of
death. Okay, Victor boot

see is somebody who was
convicted of trying to
kill Americans. In fact,

in the deal where they
convicted him, he was
specifically signing up

to provide arms to
target American soldiers
who were at the time

assisting Colombians.
And so these were
supposed to be FARC

rebels who were supposed
to be going and again,
pushing their agenda and

killing American
citizens. And he signed
up to be a part of that

he previously signed up
to be a part of many of
our battles, arming both

sides of conflicts all
over the world and even
armed the US government

at times, which the US
government claims was a
mistake, and they didn't

know it was him. I find
that very hard to
believe given the level

that that happens at but
let's assume it's true.
Long story short, no

matter when he did, he's
a bad guy. He's a really
bad guy. And bad guys

like that were a big
deal. I mean, one of the
biggest arms dealers of

all time that they
literally had a movie
made about Him Lord of

War, you don't trade
this deal with WNBA
player, those are high

high value prisoner
Draves. And you would
expect somebody like

Paul Whelan, who is a
former Marine insurer to
be traded back. How did

it make you guys feel
because I got some texts
from friends who were in

and friends who recently
got out and all of them
were very unhappy with

the fact that Paul has
been there way longer,
and is very likely to

have been tortured, I
would say 99% positive,
he's been tortured while

he's been there. So how
does that make you guys
feel being in the

service, knowing that
the priority was
somebody who's been

there for like, nine
because they're famous
and can bounce the ball

really well? Does
anybody have a feeling
on that?

I don't really have much
of an opinion
specifically on

grinders, incarceration,
because I think until we
get lost in the weeds on

this, because at the end
of the day, when you go
to another country,

you're going to be at
the mercy of their laws.
Now, do I personally

think that it was
excessive? Sure. But but
that's that's not really

the point. You know,
again, this

is why you don't take
marijuana and to Russia
to because I mean, it's

currently it's kind of
like Olympic nation,
North Korea. just not a

good idea. Just don't do
it generally don't you?
Don't there's other

voices together, you

know, specific to the to
the trade. When I first
heard about it, the

first thing that I
thought was a red nose
has been nobody else's

vet this is the US
government doing it with
the with the US

government does. I feel
like this individual,
the merchant of death is

probably worth a lot of
money, because he's
probably very good at

what he does. Yeah. And
now I think the question
that we should all have

is, again, everything
the government does is
transaction. So what

what's going to occur
the because of

this, this is my
personal opinion. And I
would recommend most of

you guys make a comment
on it. But Microsoft
opinion, he will

immediately be used by
Russia and Ukraine
conflict very publicly,

he was never a public
figure before very much
backseat almost never

photographed. And I
think that'll quickly
change once he hits

ground in Russia. And I
think they'll turn him
into a figure to

publicly arm and boost
the morale of their
soldiers, in which case,

we did not just trade a
high value target for a
lower value target and

make a bad deal. We also
traded to boost the
morale of the Russian

military, whichever
government claims that
they would like to crane

to be successful. And I
know that every
operations, it's

probably a really dumb
idea. If I was working
off the theory that

they're supposed to be
working off of, which is
that you're supporting

this country you want
them to do well, this is
a really stupid the Sure


Which could lead one to
wonder, this decision
amongst others that

sometimes are decisions
made with the specific
end of the leading

Americans to lose trust
in their own
institution? Yes,

because it certainly
seems like, you know,
when we do the calculus

of okay, what's going to
come to this decision?
That's what's going to

happen? Well,

here's the question, if
a government was trying
to undermine its

institutions, undermine
the trust of the people
divide them caused chaos

and utterly destroy
every frown foundation
upon which had spilt

Yep. What would they be
doing differently than
what they're doing?


Great question. Great
question. And here's an
kind of as an answer to

that question. But going
back to something we
spoke about before, all

tyrannical regimes do
not look the same. And
we mentioned before, you

can have a veneer of
freedom. And you can
have a lot of Americans

who have been told their
whole lives that they're
free, continue to

believe that they're
free, while behind a
very thin veneer. There

are a lot of things that
are happening in play,
one of the problems that

we have across the board
with American citizens
is there's a worldview

issue. And what I mean
by that is, a lot of
Americans have an

inadequate understanding
of how their government
works and how the world

works. And so they find
themselves doing a lot
of mental gymnastics,

trying to figure out
with an inadequate
worldview, how do you

understand what is
happening, and it's
like, you're not going

to be able to, because
your system of beliefs
is insufficient to be

able to look at what's
happening, and then
understand it. And so

they keep kind of
getting that does not
compute does not

compute, it does not
compute. And and it's
because you've been told

a lot of things that
were true, and maybe to
some degrees are still

true. But behind that,
there is a lot of stuff
going on. But we've got

to await

a good example of what
you're saying where
you're saying there's

this veneer of freedom,
but it doesn't totally
exist. And that's that's

the CCP, CCP, a lot of
people in America have a
confused definition of

communism, because we
have sort of an
antiquated one where

it's like, the
government has to take
total control of private

industry for it to
exist. And that's just
not the case anymore.

Modern communism has
evolved into something
very different. And in

China, there's the
veneer of private
enterprise, sure, it

doesn't actually exist.
But the veneer exists
some publicly, you can

have a business there,
and it can operate under
the sole ownership of

you and your friends or
whatever you decide. But
in truth, it's

controlled by the
Communist Party and by
the government. And, you

know, you see that
across the board,
Chinese companies, they

ultimately answered one
authority and one
authority out and, and

so and that developed,
you know, and again,
these things develop,

and like you said, they
all look different,
every every dramacool

regime looks different.
They come on every side
of the coin with every

types of markings and
every every types of
behavior. I don't think

that we are special in
the regard that we're
immune from this

happening here. I would
say actually, we're more
primed for it to happen

than almost anywhere
else, because we feel so
impervious to it. And I

think that's one of the
greatest dangers we have
facing us as this

feeling of invincibility
that people have been
sold since they were

little kids in America
where they believed
things like that to

never happen here were
the home of the free and
the brave. But when your

own government is trying
to coerce and destroy
the brave, that allow us

to be free. That's one
of those big red lines.
And that's where we're

at and that's why I
think it's so important.
We talked about this

stuff. At the end of all
this there'll be some
people who will Watch

this to go, you know,
these guys, I feel bad
for them, but they

signed up for this. They
signed up to comply,
they signed up to do

whatever the government
tells them, you know,
and some I just say, Oh,

it's just just political
for them. Or it's, you
know, they're a

Christian nationalist.
I've heard this before
your Christian

nationalists. What would
you say to these people
to try to get to their

humanity and their
ability to discern,
right from wrong?

Yeah, it's a great
question. And it is
something that we deal

with all the time. So
the first question that
I would ask is okay, to

an individual that says
this, I would say, well,
in the abstract, do you

believe that there could
ever be a case where a
service member should

disobey an order? or can
that not exist? And you
know, by virtue of the

fact that is an order
must always be obeyed at
all times? And most

reasonable people are
gonna say, Well, yeah, I
mean, of course, there

could be orders that
must be disobey. Okay?
Once we at least allow

for that, then it's just
a matter of, where's
that line? You know why,

and these people ignore
the very basic premise
that when you own joined

up, religious exemptions
were the norm, and they
were almost never did

not right. And now we're
flipped into a new
reality, where suddenly


universally done. Right.
Right. We've inverted
that from where they

were virtually all
approved to now,
virtually and under

Herbert, you know, maybe
not exactly none, but
virtually none. The

other thing that I would
say is, and I'll say
this, just as someone

who was, you know, a
battalion commander in,
in the military, yeah,

orders are very
important. And if you
receive an order that

you disagree with, are
you bound to obey that
order? Yes, you are. If

you receive an order
that could potentially
result in your injured,

let's talk about like a
combat situation could
result in your injury,

or death, or the injury
or death of your
soldiers? Are you

legally bound to obey
that order? Yes, you
are, you are potentially

legally bound to follow
an order that will
result in your death.

That's happened all the
time in military as it's
the sad reality, every

one of us knew that when
we joined up. Now, that
doesn't mean that if you

receive an order that
you disagree with
tactically, that you

can't approach your
higher commander have
discussions, of course,

that stuff happens all
the time. But at the end
of the day, if your

total you have to vet
changes, when we talk
about orders that are

immoral, that's that is

completely different.
Now, this goes well
beyond just an order

that you personally
disagree with, or an
order that you think

doesn't make sense, for
reasons that might be
well founded. But you

are still legally, that
you have to obligate it
to have that. And

I think that's important
for people to hear. So
I'm glad you could

vocalize that, because
that's, I really hope
people take that to

heart. And, you know,
and the bat isn't the
right side of this, the

vast majority of
soldiers, I'll speak
specifically about the

soldiers that are seeing
this circle, almost 80
years of combined

service, their read
their records are
pristine. These are

people that when they go
to drill school have a
top of their class yet

these are people that
are put in positions to
be battalion commander.

Yep. And, and these guys
have done amazing
service. And so for that

to be questions over an
issue one issue in their
entire career, where

they've shown over and
over and over again,
they will obey orders,

and they will be all
yours. Well, when they
are when there are moral

and legal

shameful. in every

no one here has a
history of disappearing
orders. Yeah, well, did

you know. And so now,
even if we just take
that one issue alone,

what DoD should look at
is, why do we have so
many otherwise? You were

markable? Yeah, service
members who have decided
to take such a stand on


There was an even bigger
issue in National Guard,
National Guard, the

numbers of people who
refuse to comply was
mastered. I mean, we're

talking about
potentially hundreds of
1000s of people, when

you really get into the
numbers between every
branch of service and

the National Guard. It's
a real big chunk of the
people you depend on in

a situation where
something truly terrible
happens. That's

dangerous. That is a
real readiness issue,
which again, goes back

to where we started
readiness, which I think
everybody can say, at

this point, is just
nothing short of a
blatant boldface, lie

reading. It's, there's
no way this is a ready,
this is a readiness

issue, but on the other
side, and so I hope this
culture ends. And I hope

that we're able to get
to a place of sanity
again, and I think

conversations like this,
help us get there. And I
really hope that people

watching, they will get
the humanity of what's
going on here. And at

the end of this, they're
able to, you know, they
can't shake your hand

like I'm going to but
they can salute you guys
to the screen and say

thank you for standing
up. Thank you for doing
what you've done and for

being strong, and for
putting yourself out
there and telling the

truth. Because a lot of
people are avoiding it.
And you know, you guys

might not feel
courageous. That's a
weird thing. I feel like

when people are actually
purchase, it never feels
great just to do some,

but it is, yeah, a lot
of people don't have the
courage to do it and

they're afraid to speak
the truth. And you know,
maybe some people just

it comes more naturally.
But you have to set an
example be a leader. And

that's something I think
all of you are very good
at. So I want to shake

all your hands. Thank
you so much for doing
this thing, glue

service. Thank you for
your service for the
day. Thank you for your

service and for being
such a fighter. And
thank you for your

service. You guys think
we're incredible. And I
really hope we wake up

some hearts and minds on
this issue and that
ultimately, what

everybody really wants
is everybody be free to
make their own decision,

that is not a wild thing
to ask for. That is a
very sane, common sense,

reasonable thing to ask
for say, hey, let's let
everybody do what they

feel comfortable with
with their own body when
it comes to this issue,

because it's obviously
caused an issue that
we've never seen before

in the United States. I
think that's so thank
you guys for coming and

doing this. I really
appreciate it. Thank
you. Thank you. Hey,

guys, just want to thank
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